Solvathellam Unmai 10-10-2012 Zee Tamil tvshow

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Solvathellam Unmai
Solvathellam Unmai

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  1. mumtaj, why you leave from the true muslim religion, thats why allah finished you…..
    its a lesson for others….

    • What is the connection between Allah and the sad story of that poor girl.??? Anwar..You are one of the Arrogant fools like her husband

    • the same thing happen in muslim community. what allah is going to do for those girls. allah says about love not arrogance

  2. rendu poramboku naigalaiyum nadu roadla nikka vachi kallala adiche saavadikkanum

  3. mumtaz don’t worry u get the good future in your life. save your child with u god bless you. think any incident all the good.

  4. Madam sonna advice than correct. Antha 2 porukkigalu mattum thandana kudutha pothathu.yeapo Aduthava purushan kuda polannu kaathukittu irukirra antha 2 aambala porukkigalukkum thandana kudukanum. But, entha 2 ponnungalum plz avanuku divorce mattum kuduthurathenga. Ungala kashta paduthi apdi avan santhoshama erukka veandam.

  5. ivanukala eallam summaa vidaathinka medam naan srilanka ean kaijila ampiddaanukal eanda oru adijilaje koluvan ivanukala

  6. Good advice madam.
    Please put both the stupid photos in a magazine. we must have to case a file and they must spent their lifetime in prison.
    Oh my god! Tamilnadu laya ipudi..always rendu pondatti issues…..
    As you mentioned, they should go for higher studies to get a good career. Hey girls dont worry and please dont drop your tears for these kind of idiotic stupid husbands.
    I am sure If you live with this kind of culprit husband then you will not be happy in the future.
    I hope that you girls will take good decision …

    Well done madam……

  7. மேடம் இப்படி பட்ட அயோக்கியனுகளுக்கு நல்ல ஒரு தண்டனை கிடைக்கணும்.

  8. intha maathiri irukkiravanukkellam kudumba kattupppadu panninaal thaan sariya varuvanunga

  9. hi mam, your advice is correct.. But don’t let these guys to roam free through this world… Put them in jail and and don’t allow them to marry that nausty girls..these guys should punish severely……

  10. Well done, Mrs.Nirmala, the advise you gave these girls was very reassuring and bold, but still the girls look weak with their decisions, whatever it is they should not go back to their husbands` , the society has to change, the men involved in this case definitely are insane, but I am thinking about the other two ladies in their lives. First these kind of ladies should also be driven out of the society, ofcourse, some men are very weak and these kind of women know how to tackle them and have them for their advantage. The only advise we can give the girls in this program is — be independent and face the world boldly.

  11. ukkaramoorthy{sin}

    vanakkam.nirmala amma.rompananry.

  12. m.deensha nagore

    markka kalvi kattayam kattral edu mathiri vazhi mari pohathu

  13. u both proved that u both are vry brave ladies thru this programme , but dont sit and cry fight for ur rights, u r 21th century women show ur husbands that u dont need them anymore, challenge them those who have spoiled ur life make them cry…..

  14. Dear girls listen to madams strong .go to a with dignity

  15. Girls please listen to maam and just forget those stupids go to job love ur job everything will become easy , try to get out off these incident they (media) will give support to you…………god bless you girls for the bright future..

  16. Kali kalam where we are going, Tamil peoples are one of the best culture in world, but now a days peoples are living in western culture.

    Time will answer all the questions.

  17. Dear girls listen to madams strong .go to a with dignity

  18. It’s all just because of damn hormones…serupaleee media munnadi adikanum appathan payam varum….we badly need the law in place to stop this crap…every incident is similar issue that husband cheats wife which is awful. Girls don’t worry…slowly you can come out by going for a job. Stay with ur guradians, shif to the different place, meet new people and get fully engaged in work. You will be all set. And please don’t give divorce to let your husband go easily….just trouble them and keep asking compensation. Zee tamil – Please put their husband’s photos in media and paper and let the world identify the culprits.

  19. You have to expose this families in the media, or in the newspapers. This should be the insult for them..

  20. yes sir yes sir

    Hai mam arrange nice job for this girls this both fucking guys has to get punishment put them in jail never allow them to get marry other girls if the guys come back in the future kick them out

  21. kalyaanathirkku munbu thappu seitha mumtaaz pondra penkalukku ithu venum thaan, aanaal menaka pondra pen paavam. anyhow ithu oru nalla paadam ini varum kaalankalil, maappillai thedumpothe nallaa visarithu kolla vendum.

  22. குகன்

    உந்த கருவாட்டுக்கு உப்படி ஒரு பொண்ணு கிடை சிருக்கு வாழ்டா கருவாட்டு பயலே ………..கலியுகத்தில எல்லாம் இப்படி நடக்கும்

  23. Hi,
    Today show was really sympathetic. two young girls married to two girls who are just Man in appearance alone. Those marriages which happened where all well- planned by both husbands and husband’s parents to spoil these poor girl’s life. We should punish both husbands and their **** parents. All devils who else have a plan to spoil a life of girls should be a bitch not fit to live in this earth. die yourself both cheating husbands.

  24. rendu perum plan panni nadakiranko. Indha rendu ponnugalum pavam avangaluku edhavathu vela yerpadu panni kodunga. Andha rendu poruki payalayum Dubai court pola hand/leg cut pannunga. appam theriyum avangaluku indha kashtam. Kadavul seriyana thandana koduparu. Andha kolandhaya parthu kooda andha dog ku pasam varala … avanga nalla ve vala kudathu. Poruki raskals

  25. govt needs to impose strict laws on illegal relationship. We are leaving the culture getting burried… Actually human nature if something getting free will consume but they fell on that well… These 2 are pretty gals and donno those guys how to live the life…

    even earlier govt. cm having more than 1 wife so how they will pass these laws such an idiotic nation… due to this some are impacted and i would suggest these gals can ask for compensation around 50 lks or jail would be the right option.. dont leave as it is…

  26. madam ,u gave good advice to the girls,it is the punishment to the bad husbands,two girls must go to the decent job,and they don,t thinkabout thier husband,god must give good future for them

  27. it is heartning to see a muslim girl converting her self to .Hinduism,as an Hindu I am ready to give this sister(munchu priya )moral support.if she needs help in bringing up her child.let all Hindus join togetehr and help her

  28. Gud verdict,,,,

  29. pavam mem 2 penugkalum vaalnthutu ippadi kaivettudu poranugka boys tappu mela tappu mem pls meg avanugka 2peraium thedi petichi kuththavaly koondula eathi nalla thandana vaagki kodugka mem pavam appavi penugka 2perum.athugkalum avanugka koda vaala thevailla avanugkaluku intha 2 pennum kodukura thandana athave irukala.

  30. entha mathiri angaloda ankuriya cut pannanum


  31. It is a lesson for all the girls. They should not get married at this young age. They should be financialally indepedant before they plan for the family relationship. I see this program almost every day and I see the women who come to the show are poor and underpreviledged. The counselling that was provided by Nirmala today was the best. It is really hurting to know that the families are not giving importance to the values. These cases go unnoticed because there is no penalty or punishment attached to this.

  32. மேடம் இப்படி பட்ட அயோக்கியனுகளுக்கு நல்ல ஒரு தண்டனை கிடைக்கணும்.

  33. Manikandanmohan

    I’m addicted to ur program mam and day to day im getting something new from u to lead a happy life… i sheded tears by seeing this episode.. ur judgement is 100% correct mam..Girls like them are really very precious mam especially from menaka i can realise her true affection towards her husband mam… but i dont know y they still need those devils.. my prayer always for manju and menaka for their life to become a peace one ..

  34. intha ponnuga husbend rendupariyum aruvaisegechai chaithu pennaka matti vittal nalathu

  35. Venky Kondhai

    Oh Mumtaz, how come Almighty did not give you patience. How sad both girls are sailing in the same boat. As you said keep the girls away from husbands as compelling the boys will lead to further unpleasantness. The problem is both these girls cannot stand on their feet. They should go for higher studies, and get a decent employment. Husbands will come crying after you that is the time you should kick them out.

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