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Watch Naan 2012 Tamil crime thriller film directed by Jeeva Shankar Vijay Antony,Siddharth Venugopal and Rupa Manjari in the lead

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  1. waiting for part 2

  2. super

  3. movie was waste don’t see this movie

  4. vijay antony intha oru padathooda nipatikitta nalla irukum.

  5. paravala.. one time pakalam ..

  6. good movie..different story…..

  7. Very good movie.

  8. muthu kumar

    i like that movie

  9. padam super climax was awesome

  10. Good movie…

  11. Good Movie. Worth to watch this Movie.

  12. Interesting movie

  13. realistic movie

  14. Rajamohamed

    Very wonderful movie at long time so all of vivevers must watch this movie

  15. Manikandan_Singapore

    Good Direction and Story…..Nice attempt

  16. nice movie…..

  17. good movie

  18. Watching a worthfull movie after a long time. Thanks for Vijay Antony for his tremendous acting performance. Didn’t feel bored any part of this movie.



  21. shd dobetter

    Misses logic that Ashok was killed 2 days back!!!!!! Police are not that much foolish!!!!

  22. Nice watching movie…Vijay Antony has proved his acting skills… its SUPEBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB MOVIEEEEEEEEEEEEE….

  23. SUPERRRRRRRRRRRR. Excellent Movie Geeva Sankar is great Job. Super Action Vijay Antony.
    I am waiting for Part-2 NAAN.

  24. good thriller movie…

  25. Excellent Movie!!! great Job Vijay Antony

  26. @rabi that will come in 2nd part

  27. im a became naan hereafter……….

  28. super movie…..

  29. rajesh pvm

    very nice film next part when com….

  30. a nice thrill movie. i think vijay antony will soon become a great hero. well see it. will part 2 be arrived….

  31. very good attempt…

  32. There is a big hole in this movie….. ashok family friend saw salim as ashok

    • tats becoz ashok family frnd has nt senn ashok in yrs…

    • that is 2nd part

    • They said,they will be staying in chennai for only 2days and will go to dubai after that..their daughter will definately not look for ashok,since he is absconding..should appreciate director for making a wonderful screenplay..worth a watch..astonished seeing vijay antony’s acting..thou he is an amazing composer,he is equally an good actor as well..that siru idhayam and makkayala songs will surely gonna be chart buster..i will give 3.5* out of 5*.

  33. Nice movie. Good time pass

  34. criticizer

    good screenplay, vijay antony’s acting is good in his first attempt, some flaws buy good to watch once, good movie when compare to other big heros mokkai movies. pass mark

  35. nice movie….!

  36. sudhakar kuwait

    நல்லா இருக்கு . ஒருமுறை பார்க்கலாம்…

  37. super movie this shows that oru manushoda situation daan avan charactera mathudunu nice movie

  38. what happened to the family friend who saw salim thinking he is ashok. I think a big hole in logic!!!
    Worst attempt

  39. Nice thriller Serial…

  40. Superb Movie….

  41. i dont want to give name

    good thriller

  42. Superb…… movie……

  43. i really loved ths muveeee,worth watching………..

  44. Good attempt….worth watching…..

  45. Erukira Oru vaalaya Ourupidiya Panungada, Concentrate in music – really worst acting, worst script. Even though its ur first filim (But acting is totally not coming ohh horable………………..My rating is 1/5.

  46. Superb movie….Hats off to Vijay Anthony and director Jeevan

  47. superbbbbbbb movie

  48. Simple and besttt movie

  49. Awesome movie………mokka nu sonna u must have a bad taste …….ethuku maala oru movie attempt panamudiyathu………

  50. thulasiayyappan

    பாலிவுட் பட உலகில் கதைக்கு பஞ்சம்.
    நம் தமிழ் படங்களின் கதை, கற்பனை அனைத்தும்
    பாலிவுட், ஹாலிவுட் கே சவால் விடும் அளவிற்கு உள்ளது.
    அதற்கு எடுத்துகாட்டாக வந்த திரைப்படங்கள் தான் :

    நான் ஈ



      WOW.WONDERFUL MOVIE IN TAMIL . Vijay Antony Rocking..superb screen play and cinematography..
      Thanks Rajtamil. i will watch in theatre

    • I admire your respect over our language. But please don’t say that these films are challenging Hollywood and bollywood trends. Please be aware that Naan EE is a Telugu Movie dubbed in to Tamil and this Movie Naan took its inspiration from Hollywood Movie The Talented Mr. Ripley. Though both the movies provide good time pass but they lack technical/logical completeness. The director of this movie Naan could have planned it even more flawless as the Hero is shown to be an orphan and the real Saleem dies in an accident. Vijay Antony did his part reasonably well and the Director had something to show different choosing a new Hero. But still could have done better.

  51. Very Nice Movie – Really worth watching ! 4.5 / 5.0

  52. Daaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Mooooooookkkkkkkkaaaaaaaaa padam…

  53. chance illa super movie

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