Super Singer Junior 3 29-07-2012 – Vijay TV Show

Watch Vijay Tv Super Singer Junior 3 29-07-2012 Online.

Round: Flower Round Day 2

Super Singer junior 3


  1. Shan Sakthi

    Thank you for your Broadcast…. And Sound effect is not enough. Please increase the sound only.

  2. right decition

  3. i agree that the youtube links are better, especailly for people like us who are outside India and depend on this site to watch this programme, please upload a youtube link.

    the daily motion links are not good at all

    consider it as a request and do it immediately.

  4. I love Yalini is performance! “Malarkala”….:)

  5. arunachalam

    yes that is very true screen blanks out after some time …….

  6. The daily motion link is not working good. The screens blank out after some time when the ads pop up. Youtube links are better, could you upload youtube links please.

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