Super Singer Junior 3 21-07-2012 – Vijay TV Show

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Round: Day 2

Super Singer junior 3

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  1. Should be yazhini pair winning the amount.

  2. Bavana told top 20 contestants are participating in this round. But Mathumitha and Mahesha who were in the top 20s were missing. Cash award Rs.200000/- were split between Anu and Haripriya, Akiles and Seffi. Haripriya was eliminated in the 13th round and Seffi was in the 11th round. So in the top 10 Akiles and Anu can expect the elimination in the next rounds. This is a stupid “MOKKAI” show in tamilnaadu. Mano will do anything for money even eating his own shit.

  3. Murugesan

    Yes, We all disappointed when the winners are announced. It should be Yazhini & Malavika, who sung outstandingly and very professionally beating Anu & Haripriya in all aspects, but the judgment went the other way…It is very biased..Anyhow Thank you very much Yazhini & Malavika for giving such an wonderful show…

  4. its a undouphtly good decition…! this episode rocking…! keep going .. makaps welcome back!

  5. I am too disappointed with the selection of the winners.A prize could have been included for a runner up.
    But we cannot talk about partiality without knowing how Mano awarded his points.There would have been some basis.
    However it seems Malayaalys will steel the show this year too!

  6. I am too disappointed about selecting the Winners.No doubt the first round of singing of Anu and Haripriya was
    excellent.But there were others who sang equally well.The prize money could have been divided into three.
    Singing is no more a profession today.With the advent of new technology even an average singer could become a
    playback singer!Those who couldn’t get into the first ten out of the fifteen are equally good singers!

  7. I think Mano is crazy|!!!! mano is unfair!


    First time in the history of Airtel Super singer, a great injustice done and a clear partiality shown by selecting Anu and Haripriya for a cash award of Rs.100000/-. In the first round they have got only 16 points given by Pushpavanam sir and Subaji and they have a point less than Yazhini& Malavika and Ajit and Srija . But Mr.Partiality Manoji has given 9 to Anu Pair.8 to Yazhini pair and 7 to Ajit pair eliminating Ajit pair from competition and made Anu pair and Yazhini pair for a tie break. It is well judged by all that Yazhini pair was outstanding and surpassing Anu pair in all the aspects.But the cash award went to Anu pair. Why?
    It is because of Mr.Partiality Manoji since Haripriya’s father is a great friend of Mr.Manoji as revealed by Mr.Manoji on the day of Haripriya’s elimination day.
    Actually we lost interest in seeing Airtel Super singer.

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