Solvathellam Unmai 23-07-2012 Zee Tamil tvshow

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Solvathellam Unmai
Solvathellam Unmai

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  1. Dear nirmala

    you dont know the fundamentals and law of islam .please dont play in this regards

    take care of you all .otherwise you see more problem

    hope you understand well

    thanks and regards

    zubair ahmed

  2. as per legal and nirmalas earlier judjement police can arrest the boy for marrying a minor girl… but nirmala always push that way but unfortunately she is changing tune… the family can take action against the boy….

    • Mr mohideen,Your comment is obviously correct.why nirmala changed her tone?She must give the answer for ur question.As per indian criminal law,the minor marriage is a crime. So ,the police have to arrest the boy.Why they leave him out??????????????

  3. love is blind. God is love. So

    • Usually Nirmala Periyasamy is talking in one way and threatening another side people, Now a days its increasing a lot, what is the solution for that?

  4. sema ponnu intha mathiri ponnungala pakkarathe acharyam than

  5. brave girl, please don’t torture any one like this love everyone,,

  6. VijayaNirmala

    Really disturbing very smart girl with confidence, why their relatives are torturing not understanding the feelings of the young girl, Kindly help her to stay in the home rather not staying with them eventhough her parent need her back. Mrs Nirmala periasamy I am your regular viewer of this programme Please protect the young girl make their parents realise that everybody has the right to choose their own life in this case the boy she selected also is good. Even her parents cannot get her such a good life.

  7. ippo ponnugalukku unmaiya arive illa nu than sollanum eppadi ippadi yusikame

  8. Nagarajan Regupathy

    I am very upset and lost my sleep.What a bold girl and strong decision support.with god blessing she will get a good health & wealth.

    If Please release their contant number-If anybody wants to help their needs.

  9. A.Mohandas

    Dear Mrs Nirmala,
    I am a recent follower of your programme, mainly elicited by my wife’s addiction to these episodes.
    Yesterday’s (23-07-12) was a beauty. The cute girl narrated her story in such a fashion that our heart goes with her and also demonstrated the love through her eyes and body language; great to watch. No wonder the boy fell, just with those eyes.
    Now enter the ‘villies’ to the story, like the killer-bus in Engeyum Eppodhum. It is ok for a movie, we forget. But not this one. The girl, who has just begun to taste the fruits of life with the new found love, should not end up with those rotten characters. We can’t allow this to happen, come what may. The women Taliban may even resort to ‘honour killing’. The couple needs protection.
    You showcased this to the millions and our hearts yearn for the couple’s union. Dear Madam & Zeethamizh, your job is not complete. Social reforms (I hope that is what your mission is) should not just exhibit the issue, but resolve it. Wish you protect the girl in a home or wherever under your custody, as the law demands, and once she turns 18, wait no further. Bring her to the studio and let the boy tie the knot and you telecast this live to the same millions, who now deserve nothing less than that. And those millions are with you and for the cause.
    There can be thousands of such innocent girls silently suffering behind the veils, or under the clutches of some monsters, want to break free. Your action can bring hope to them, which even our Gods can’t give. Please give them The Hope.

  10. Will be happy to support this couple . Plz share thier details , i think her parents are worst & worst … Plz allow her to live with her loved one , Dont put in HOME it is not safe for her.

    • Dear Mr.Mohan Das as per your comment you want to preserve indian girls or have to protect the whole indian female groups dont criticize any of the particular community to show your highness in commenting the other religion.

      For eg : Sati is practiced in which religion for more then 100 years in india more over as per sati the wholle female girls killed not only physicaly also mentally..
      why u wnt to critisize taliban see calcutta,Tamil nadu can u asure this may not happend in india.
      Solavathellam unmai wants give protection it has to give protection to the whole women groups.

      Not only thousand talk about crores 6.75 crore people in Tamil Nadu is it possible to give protection can u reply to this such lines.

      There can be thousands of such innocent girls silently suffering behind the veils, or under the clutches of some monsters, want to break free????? Can u examine the fact which u have been denoted here?

      Monsters yes whom they are u mean thats about our soicety not you if ur a father you will accept ur daughter to marrry any other religios community. Eventhough as per ur preferred relion it will be accepted??

      Nirmala periyasami is the entire witnesss of the so many programs in which their fighting with their own religious caste and community all though fighting each other by throwing their MangalSutra. As per your lines u want to criticisize other religion so avoid such comments and it may not entertain such things in the soceity.

      Beauty means what it is about the character not the face but please think!!!!! Remember the proverb Face Is the Index of the mind.

      The Love has not guarenteed in Human relation i think u may come across in ur Teen Age…..

      • Mujib bhai,

        Don’t paint a religious colour to this. That was not my intention. There is an issue and we are concerned, that is all. The veil should not ail you so much.
        And to your question “will you accept if your dgtr propose to marry in other religion”. Yes, In fact, my son was behind his college sweet-heart and was singing alle luia. I told, “if that is going to give you happiness, son, I am game”. Same holds true, even if he brings someone showing nothing but her eyes. Bhai shab, the world is evolving, let us move on.

        • Dear Mr.Mohan Das there is no religeous paint here just for ur information we dont want to paint the wall which was already painted.My wishes to ur son and congrats to be a great father to accept his love.

          More over the judgement of this case should not exceed any religios prospects as per ur request.. the same whatever happens life must go on????

          please note the concerned Women is minor here so what could be ur sugession towards this boy?? Is legal action can be proceed here towards that boy already the minor girl made pregent with illegal marriage could this soceity and government more over Solvathellam unmai will accept this suituation?????

          Thanks to be coomented again towards my kind lines which made u leane in a line!!!!!

  11. She is very bold … & matured Plz change your decesion , Put their parents in jail or take them to any phsologist .. I BLESS THIS COUPLE TO LIVE HAPPLY FOR LONG LIFE . USELESS MOTHER , SHE IS NOT A GOOD LADY .

    • Dear Malathi

      if your sister is married to other religion boy .

      how feel you Madam

      please replay my dear .

      • Respected Zubair,
        I feel sorry for that if my sister marries someone in other religion. It is only because for the social concerns. But it is her life and she/he can choose their partners. After all now-a-days all are nuvclear families. You get your sister married to a man of your religion and you are ready to save his life say from a heart surgery/accident at the cost of lost penny of your property/earnings/svaings, then you can really insist it. But I don’t do that. I am educated and I understand that my religion is my persoal thing and same for my sister too. For me and my religion, being a humad matters first. Thanks.

  12. Ovvru manithanum Andavan-ku ninaikkanum.. 15yrs vazhatha ammaku theriyatha! yepadiya patta mappilai marriage seithu kodukanum yeantru.. Edu kadal alla KAAMAM. Entha ponnuku joly-ka ooru suthanum, life enjoy erukkanum.. entha kadal next few month-il study-yaga erukanadu,,, she is love to money, enjoy life..& crazy.
    Religion ena erukku.. epadi awanka awanka azhaintcha edu pear vazhai alla, family yepadu oru kattu padu dan andavanukku kattu pattu vazhanum..

  13. loosu kudumbam

    Really worried situation… Things are going in one direction. These f..king parents and especially grandma needs to die to flourish the next gen… Govt… should give rights to minors in taking their decisions… only for marriage its fine…
    take a case if 8 yr gal was torched by her family and if she wants to go out of them will the law still sent with them… same like that… take a right decision
    useless caste and religion makes tourment

  14. I like this girls boldness., very good., if she goes with her mother for sure she will be forced to marry anyone else which is common in their community.,

  15. nice program

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