Neengalum Vellalam Oru Kodi 04-07-12 Vijay TV show

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  1. priyantha

    seetha dont worry

  2. Sir, I have seen the neengalam vellalam oru kodi, it is very nice. To days epise, it is very sad, the first candidate Ms.Seetha has lost a very huge amount due to her careless ness, because untill otherwise without confident she told the answer.Another candidate a very houng girl who is studying at Anna University, very good mark scored in Plus 2, without properly seeing the Quest she lost. I very much worried about the two candidates. The programme very much liking programme. No body can conduct with out Mr. Suria. Thanks. Best wishes to Mr.Suria.

  3. K.S.Nathan

    Seetha has won the hearts and minds of all her viewers. By losing the 25 lakhs she has gained the blessings more than a crore of her viewers of all over the world

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