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Watch Kalakalappu Movie Online directed by Sundar C; starring Vimal, Shiva, Anjali and Oviya in the lead

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  1. S.Akshaya says:

    very nice movie with amazing comedy

  2. tharan says:

    awesome movie



  4. vinoth says:

    best comedy moview i ever watched recently.. really excellent.. dont miss

  5. RIFAI says:


  6. Naresh says:

    Nice Movie

  7. ishu says:


  8. Vimal says:

    In this film i acted with the beautiful anjali

  9. Vimal says:

    best movie ive ever acted with the beautiful anjali

  10. Riffaz says:


  11. vicky says:

    veryveryveryvveryveryveryveryveryveryveryvery nice

  12. bala says:

    this film is very super this is excellent flim

  13. Menaka says:

    super film…..

  14. santhosh says:

    wonderful movie

  15. feroz says:

    soooooooooooooooooooooooo nice


    nice movie

  17. Bakkiyaraj says:

    I will enjoy this movie

  18. Ahmed Faiz says:

    Nice movie after a long time… Peaceful time because after my heart broken i say this movie…

  19. Swetha says:

    wonderful movie

  20. Selva says:

    worst movie
    its like shit.

  21. Swetha says:

    wonderful movie
    anjali looks amazing!!

  22. joyal vinoth says:

    amazing movie

  23. Bala says:

    very nice movie. watched a super comedy movie after a long time

  24. pravin says:


  25. karthika says:

    awesome movie i really enjoyed watahing it

  26. elangovan says:

    very good comedy picture i like this movie.

  27. prabhul says:

    super comedy but we miss vadivelu

  28. MAx says:


  29. MAx says:


  30. jenitta says:


    hahahaha sema comedy mvi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i loved it <3 <3!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. vishal says:

    gethu sema joku

  32. baskaran duraisamy says:

    semaaaaaa comedy

  33. akash says:

    this is comedy movie

  34. nisha says:

    nice movie

  35. akash says:

    nice movie

  36. peer says:

    super very nice sunderg

  37. Fazal Ahamed.M says:

    I was mood-out, After watching this film its gives release from my mood-out.Wonderfull film

  38. unknown says:

    Had a very good time laughing after a long time

  39. riaz says:

    nice entertinement movie thanks sunder c

  40. praveena says:

    nice movie…….

  41. chris says:

    wow comedy na sama comedy nice movie super kalakalpu team

  42. ananthan.v says:

    this filly comedy, longback sunder.c good movi

  43. jayaprakash says:

    ok… watchable

  44. speed says:

    This is super movie to watch.
    who told this movie mokka those are blind people

  45. ssss says:

    mokka padam..worst film ever..evanellam oru dirtr..

  46. kajan says:

    i find it stupid tho its not loading the movie it takes for ever

  47. Raj says:

    Excellent movie

  48. diwa says:

    who all talkng bad about thz film is a blind dash_______..
    awsum comedy movie love it <3 <3.

  49. diwa says:

    who al talkng bad abt thz film is blind dash ______…

  50. Ranjith says:

    good movie i love sundhar.c

  51. Jesh says:

    Nice movie.. it depends on how people take it. but its full comedy and somewht diff… good to see for some stress relief.

  52. Raja says:

    Great Work. Realy super comedy movie. Congrats Sundar Sir.
    Again you prove it your skills….

  53. suresh kana says:


  54. keerthana says:

    its a comedy film but it is too mokkai to watch….

  55. Yuvaraj says:

    Now 2012 super comedy movie.

  56. ASHIKA UMAR says:

    super film full comedy………………

  57. sai says:

    Mokka mama. Inda padam upuku chappa dan!! ayoyo!

  58. c bbn bnn says:

    super comedy throught out the film we all enjoyed the film as a family.

  59. vim says:

    good comedy film. really enjoyed. appreciate sundar c trick of introducing santhanam in second half

  60. chandra says:

    one among the worst movies that I’ve seen…

  61. santosh says:

    superb movie.i laughed the whole time. everyone has to see it. gud time pass movie

  62. truefollower says:

    Good fun, worth watching

  63. Alex says:


  64. anitha says:

    Very nice and entertainment movie… The time 3hours went like just a moment… Very entertaining movie… Don’t miss it… Enjoy.. Thanks to rajtamil..

  65. chandru says:

    as a director (sundar c) back to comedy

  66. muthu says:

    very nice movie the 2nd half super sarayu i love u

  67. rajiv says:

    very funny movie.. I loved it

  68. ummm says:

    semaya iruku movie,,,,sema comedy…enga thala santhanam acting super..

  69. loga says:

    mokka padam….. songs really sux…

  70. kovshik says:

    wow wow semma comedy film car chasing scene and climax highlight of the film awesome film worth watching

  71. ssss says:

    its hard to see it once

  72. karthik says:

    nice one

  73. makishan says:


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