Super Singer Junior 3 24-06-2012-Vijay TV Show

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Round: Day 3

Super Singer junior 3Super Singer Junior 3 24-06-2012


  1. R.N.Sigamany

    Another synonym for FAVOURITISM is called “CHOCOLATING”. Vijay TV’s Super Invention.
    Mahisha, Yazhini and Aajith are the most versatile singers. The judges “Shit”ra and Ma”no” must have been eliminated long time ago.

  2. R.N.Sigamany

    Mahisha, Yazhini and Aajith are the most versatile singers.

  3. R. Nagarajah

    Again and again, SSJ3 judges are making discriminatory decisions. This time they asked three children- Yalini, Seffy and Gowthanm to sing against each other to win the last two seats available. That means one would have to leave the contest. After the children sang, they could not still come to a judgment. They said they were going to give them yet another chance. This is a very unfair and unacceptable process. The judges categorically said it was the last and only chance for any two of the 3 contestants to win 2 remaining seats, and never said they were planning to give another second chance. Are they giving another chance to allow their favourite to win. How many more chances they are planning to provide until their favourite child wins. Isn’t a discimination against the two kids who will finally lose the contest because you gave another additional, unprecedented opportunity. It seems like the judges have no sense of fairplay. For viewers this is an open display of discrimination against these kids who will eventually lose confidence in this type of reality shows.
    I feel like not watching SSJ in the future because I will not enjoy a contest that is unfair and openly displays discrimination, not once.

  4. அருமையான,அடகமான,அற்புத,பாடகி…..நம்ம மகிஷா…ஆரம்பம்முதலே அழகாக பாடிவந்தார்

  5. A 10 years old child was treated very badly by the so called judges. These judges and angers should watch the show “unkalil yar Prabudeva”. Fairness and better judgement are expected in this show, even this is a script written show. Everybody forget about what Mr. Anath Vythianathan said about Mahisha’s singing on this date. His comment is not in favour for elimination of Mahisha. He told that in a different way. These old judges should be chanced and bring young people.

  6. Mahisha elimination is really disappointing the only good singer in this season is she… VERY BAD JUDGMENT..

  7. I live in Toronto, and am not a native of Sri Lanka. I watch SS regularly and with passion because I love music. I want fair play in any competition, and wants the best performer to win, irrespective of where he/she comes from. Especially the judges have to be meticulously accurate in their judgement on children who come from foreign countries because they come with lots of personal sacrifice – they sacrifice family life, school, home comforts etc. I carefully considered the circumstances of this case, and convinced that the elimination of Maheesha is unfair. Many viewers that I spoke feel the same. She was unfairly treated.
    It is a great disappointment for this 9 year old child who grows in a country where justice and fairplay are very vital in society. Definitely these judges are going to discourage foreign kids from participating in SS.

    • We who live outside India, like to keep our culutre and traditions.We make sure that we watch SS show as a family. Kids too love it. But, unfortunately after Maheesha’s elimination even the kids do not want to watch it any more as it is riged show. My teeneger says this is a repeat, what happen to Priyanka in SSJ2. I left bad to see Rajaganpathy go while stephi and others were still there. If he was given a chance would have turned out to be like Sathiya Prakash. Judges be true to yourself, and be honest as you are dealing with kids. Do not hurt their hope.
      Vijay TV, too bad you are going to loose lots of viewers from a abroad!.most of us are knocking our Vijay TV from our Cable line. I only wish and hope Yalini wins the title.

  8. This is not about Tamil, Malayali, Thelugu or Candian kid. This is about fairness. Whatever judgment that does not appear fair is NOT FAIR at all. In this case, judges should not have called No elimination in the previous round for no valid reason. You must give equal opportunity for all. That is the qustion in viewers mind. Judges have to be consistent in whatever they decide. Cannot have two rules.

  9. from my previous comment. i am sorry but pragathi’s father actually speaks kanada not telugu.
    so sorry

  10. of all the super singer junior 1,2,3. the best voice was magisha’s. her voice is like priynaka from ssj2.magisha’s voice has a very good texture and tone. it is a honey voice. her elimination was planned as if they let her go through the rounds her voice would just get better and she would be a threat to the judges favorites. Telugu and malaly judges favour telgu and malayli kids. judges always knock out the Tamil kids. they support pragathi because she has Telugu influence. in the other language round she said her father speaks Telugu. pragathi has a creaking voice when going to high notes. maybe in future rounds the judges will have rounds that pragathi is best at. next favorite of the judges is anu with her nasal tone voice. best of luck magisha. you have a worldwide fans. we are from India.

  11. Mahee, we all love you. take this as a challenge and give your best always. Keep singing this is just your begining. All the very best to our sweet voice mahee =

  12. btw… pragathi is also not from india.. and i think she is the only one who is from overseas… so since u ppl are saying that the judges are only favouring tamil nadu kids.. then next person to be eliminated is pragathi???

    • yes judgment is wrong,Jayanth made so many mistakes y that was not considered? because he is a Telugu, Mano also has Telugu connection.
      Y in all Tamil programs r invites other language contestant,they also have there worn language TV channels!!!!!!!!!

  13. haiz… no point toking to u ppl.. anyway.. mahisha… all the best dear…

  14. great singing prakathy

  15. viewers plz dont watch dis assj3 programmme, bcoz dis judgments are very wrong. these judges was waiting for two week to eliminate maheesha, but they coulnt bcoz she was proved her talent, mano always support to malayalee and telunkyu, sithra mam u r a good human dont support with this mano, maheesha dont worry you must become a good singer our wishes and blessing for you alwys ma. best of luck kutty,…..

  16. As everyone is saying, this show is the worst show the Indian fools can every have. Why these Sri Lankans want to go and participate I can never understand. That Mano is so biased and such a bad person. Leave alone Chithra and Shuba. They all planned with that man Mano to eliminate Mahisha for some time. But she was singing so good, they couldn’t do anything. those other Indian kids (some of them) sang so badly for two weeks, specially Prahathi (they suck up to her so much) Why Mano what is the reason I wonder? Are you all getting money from someone there (under hand) It looks like it. They didn’t eliminated two of them when they should have or even 4 together, two weeks ago, because they are all sang badly. One missed his lyrics but no elimination. This time this poor girl made some mistakes and immediately knoked her off. Chithra, Mano and Shuva please don’t come to Canada. Whoever calls you (no Indians call you or attend your prgrams, only Sri Lankan come for your shows) I will never attend your shows and also if they bring you all, i will make it a point that no one attends your programs. So don’t every step it to Canada. You are all just typical Indians.
    It doesn’t matter if you eliminate her but you should have eliminated two or more before her. That is why I’m mad and I will stop watching your show from now on. I’m so mad with this judges and the judgemnt. They should stop this show and people, even Indians shouldn’t watch this show. You support the Malayalies and the Thelungu people only. so go there and have the show you ba……rds.

    • Dear No name,
      Don’t get disheartened by Mahisha’s elimination. She is undoubtedly our darling girl and truly a winner. Her travel until this point is undoubtedly remarkable and exemplary. What a sacrifice! A big salute to her family. Her mother stayed all along with her for the past 7 or 8 months in an unfamiliar land. This sacrifice was rightfully appreciated and admired by a tearful Anjana’s mother. I think Mahisha didn’t lose anything over this epic journey. Who knows her before this show? Now the whole world knows her. The opportunity was given to her not based on her national identity and in this aspect I see this programme is one of the fairest shows in Indian TVs. Look, how grateful Mahisha’s mother was. How mature and sportive was her statement. We never see Lankan Tamils foreigners. They are our own people. I treat your bashes are purely out your dejection and advice you to look at the positives. Naam Thamizhar, athuve nam adaiyaalam.

  17. I completly agree with whom ever said that the hosts suck. Seriously! Bring siva back! Makkappa suckss and bhavana is soo annoying! I feel like the show only goes down because of them, they try way too hard to be funny espeacially bhavana!

  18. hmm… its so easy to sit at home and type all u ppl want to type eh… lame shits like becoz she is not from india… and also one can say one side judgement… also have someone toking abt bhavana and makapz… even ppl toking abt sri lanka??? WTH! u ppl are pathethic! even the kids in the show know how to behave and handle the stress… its not like u ppl are the one singing?! give some respect to the judges and their judgement.. it dosent matter if they get eliminated coz their music journey still goes on!! but i have to agree… MAHISHA… u really did gr8!! All the best kid!!

  19. M.Thamilan

    How can a Sri Lankan Tamil win this show? The Sri Lankans. like Balu mahendra better return to your country. Sinhalese are better than INDIANS!!!!!!

  20. ma ka pa u very fun boy excalend dance

  21. mknknknp knninn

  22. magesha i miss my dear child dont worry be happy keepsing the song i will pray for when u cry that i was cried so much anyway be happy all the best in ur future

  23. selva kannan

    As already decided by judges, they were targeting Magesha. She is a very good singer and all of us know that. Akhilesh, sorry I think you were the weakest sapling but just for your cold in your voice or what ever reason, judges have given a another chance. This is not fair though, then tomorrow gautam will come with some black magic reasons.

  24. thiz fuckers cant talk abt srilankan coz there waiting tis for when she was entering the programme

  25. Good Show Is Airtel Super Singer…

    So Cry”g With Mee..



  28. actually im bit lzy to write comments, but on seeing this worst compering, even i thought of mention yesterday, but again as i mentioned bit lzy. Bhavana is too much and donno how to speak. This show will be much more better if you changes these 2 people bhavana and maacaapu… even that guy was ok but this lady is nonsense… pls try this…. the same happening for UYP, there one muttakannu muthevi… she is more worst useless fatty acid with no looks and nonsense speech… get a good compere especially ladis in looks as well as presentation.. its a humble request

  29. abdul hady

    MAHISHA we miss you lot…………….. after eliminated i was cry…………… but dont stop singing keep singing breath singing live with music all the very best for your future……….

  30. yestrday i told my comment the judgement one side. today result
    see same happen. because the judes one side and i can tell the
    final result and winner is other state person. not for

  31. what i told yesterday. this is only happen beacuse
    the judges one side judgment. so final winner not
    tamilnadu. conformed other state person

    • R. Nagarajah

      There are lots of emotions from Canadian Tamils because of this elimination. I don’t want to be emotional, but wants to be matter of fact. I have great respect to Maheesha’s mother who responded very humanely and very professionally, which showed how mature this young mother from Canada is. Hats off to you, you handled it graciously.

      Now coming to my point: Maheesha did a good job, better than a few others, in singing that semi-classical song bu y Chitra. Chitra is always picky when someone sings her song. She expects too much from kids. This is very unreasonable. I think no one should take up her song for their safety.

      last week four singers came to the danger zone, with one coming to DZ more than once in the last few episodes. What reason on earth can the judges give for not eleiminating and saving their favorities. It was very obvious that they did this on purpose to save a candidate. It was an ugly spectre. They said all the four candidates received the exact same marks. This is not at all possible in a contest like this where thare are 3 judges. It was clear that they would have eliminated Maheesha if she was among the four in DZ last time. However well Maheesha sang, the judges always thought she was a dark horse in the competition (just to quote what Shuba said twice)

      In the past judges eliminated on the basis of the performance in the end of 3-day episodes, for example good singers like Haripriya and Mukunth were not offered a chance to improve themselves in the next episode. But they offerred an extraordinary next chance to the four who came in the DZ last week. This is very UNFAIR AND DISCRIMINATORY. This is a bad image for Vijay TV which is watched by millions of people.
      For Maheesha and family, this is not the end of the world. Of course no one expects her to win the supersinger title. But it was obvious that the judges were showing favouritism towards other candidates.
      The disturbing question is why maheesha got eliminated when she did not come to DZ in the last few episodes. One boy who repeatedly came to DZ including the last two episodes was saved.

      Judges, your true colours are showing. Shame on you!

      • hmm… someone toked abt mukunth?? hmm well.. he being eliminated was a fair decision.. coz he came to the danger zone more then any kids… but i feel that we have to give respect to the judges.. just coz a kid from canada got eliminated… all the canada indians against it? wat is done is done… no point whining abt it… get a life ppl… it is difficult for the judges to tell a kid that she is eliminated too!!

      • They called this SSJ3. This is a children show. Why Chithra has to sing all the time. Is she trying to
        impress the new music composers?. In SSJ2 When Alkka Ajith snag Janaki’s song she said you sang better than me. She is a legend. Here this child was eliminated by Chithra because she sang Chuthra’s song.
        Shame on you.

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