Solvathellam Unmai 07-06-2012 Zee Tamil tvshow

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Solvathellam Unmai
Solvathellam Unmai

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  1. nirmala is right becoz the girl should have to realise what is true.. Good Luck For Paldurai..for his future life..she love already two guy now he is no 3 ival count down pottu love pannittu irukaa da saami…


    Amma Nirmala amma

    All the peoples appreciated your solution and judgement to your previous programs.
    But in this program and your talking and judgement is totally is stupid
    On behalf of big these program fans I am writing these comments.
    Do you believe “NARI THANTHIRAM”?
    You are talking too much and supporting only one side. We lost about your image.


    Amma Nirmala

    Please you first leave from this hosting program
    Please go and think, think again and again whether you action and solution is appreciated or not.



    Hellow Nirmala madam
    You are not a Judge to this program.You support only this cheated guy.This guy completed his education by using this innocent lady and now want to kick off. You are acting as though witness to this guy not verdict proper solution.She shouted towards to partner.
    Why Dear Nirmala Madam you or any other ladies from Tamilnadu never shouted towards the partner during their life time.Isn’t it?
    One day in your life definitely you will get a bad feeling about your this judgement.
    God will give sentence

  5. He used her to settle his life, he was in need of some support till he get another women in life, now he is ready to get married to another one, typicall man

  6. payan ponna use panni settle akittan. ini avan puthu mappilla.

  7. Ravichandran

    Ms.Revathi Edwin said correct.

  8. revathi edwin

    let her be alone.let him be happy,till the end she”s crying for wat.if she is real christian should be under husband, but she want all man under her feet. thats y all went,the boy is very poor and her child also..

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