Neeya Naana 24-06-12-Vijay TV show

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Neeya Naana 24-06-12-Vijay TV show

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  1. that women shalini is soooo rude….. why do u even want to bring her again and again .. and gopinath dont be rude to people ,,, u guys could have cut that shot abt that guy whom u pointed like he degraded girls .. he spoke insensitively i accept but u dunoo have to put this and show off to the world .. and shalini please ask her to talk like a women first ..

  2. Dont ever call shalini, she is really hell, and she always speak she is correct, not worth as judge. Here the topic is how we missing happiness because of modern world, seriously she will be leaving alone, that’s y she speaking against relation and small small things.

  3. Good show keep going gopi & team

  4. good show

  5. to gobinath bro- one guy said about iphone+girls+pickup=(usaar) about as a topic…. in that time dont insult in front of on screen if its right accept it..! if its wrong… dont say like that word ” i ll happent 2 send out.. its very hurt 2 audiance and that guy 2! becouse of i am a good fan of gobi but i can’t accept it! pls its my pellite reqest.. its not 1st time i so before 2! a good program a good anchor (gobi)…

  6. Time is Money ? Time or Money?

  7. super shalini super

    • She is bloody arrogant…. even people who have achieved more than what she has knows how to be humble

  8. Vijay got paid judges and critics. If you get to watch debate/discussion programmes you could see them repeating..

  9. Dont call Shalini as judge again. She is always rude while talking. She can give her thoughts in a soft manner

  10. waste show

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