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Watch Leelai  Movie Online

Watch Leelai Movie Online directed by Andrew Louis Starring Shiv Pandit,Manasi Parekh,Santhanam and Suhasini Raju in the lead

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  1. mokka climax, sema mokka movie………………. waste of time

  2. wow superb movie n climex… i really enjoyed with full emotional……

  3. lovely goes to shivpandit , mansi parekh , santhanam and of course to the very new director….good job!!!!

  4. nice time pass movie,but one logic is missing how heroine is not able identify the same person speaking with two different names in phone.

  5. nice

  6. Nice movie …same story line as English movie “you have got mail”

  7. ThulasiAyyappan

    Nice story and cool screenplay with mild rhythams and little nervousness…!
    Santhanam dialogue : நா ஒரு rough ஆன software engineer….!

  8. Im idoit only as because of yur frd

  9. had a good time watching this movies with an idiot near by

  10. mohamed ibramsha

    lovely movie.i love this …………..

  11. good movie. descent love……………

  12. superb movie, i like so much, very gud acting hero,heroine,santhanam,suja………

  13. Very nice movie!!!
    Sam, still its not too late to change – atleast from now on you look for your LOVE and not *** and sure you will find one!

  14. Appu, what is this man? The hero and heroine looks like pakistani?Man
    No tamil actress like Sri Devi or Radhika? No more actors like Sivaji Ganeson or Kamalahaasan?
    Thank god, at least we have Santhanam the great like Goundamani!
    What’s happening to Tamil Movie Industry? We are making the Pakistani rich?Pakistan means here North India!LOL!

  15. Awesome Movie!!

  16. Nice movie

  17. Feel like good movie.. Very slow screen play. Very bad direction

  18. janucece

    Really very nice, decent and romantic movie.

  19. superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr movie loved both the heroooooooooo nd actresssssssssss. songs r awsummmmmmmmmmmmmmm super climaxxxxxxx…………… great movieeeeeeeeeee

  20. Abbas Ali

    Really good movie

  21. Excellent

  22. Excellent movie


  24. “unmaiya sollava?

    Love pannuravangaluku entha padam pudikum…love la tholvi kandavangaluku pudikathu…..suja nalla eruka….en life la pala story eruku etha solla? sinna vayasula girls ta pasurathu romba pariya visayama erukum…konjam nall ana udan life la girls ellam matter pannurathukunu achu…romance love mood varavea mattuthu sex mood than varuthu love pannupothu sex illama love pannuravanga kidaiyathu….

    evanum sutham illa! evalum sutham illa…manasula kai vachu solluga makkalea oru anbalai illa pombalai kalyanathuku munadi oru payyanaiyo illa oru ponnaiyo kadathu than varanga ana eppa ulla moden life la onnu illa oru dazan thandi than varanga…evan da oluga erunga illa eva di olunga erukinga…ellamea asai 60 nall mogam 30 nall ahuku piragu ethum illa…pongada ponga orupadiya natta thirutha oru padam edunga…kadhal la kala thuki adika..finally thanks for reading guys…


      Boss… naan thotta mudal ponnea en wife than….

    • hello sir,all people r not the same like you first love is my husband & he is going to be the last too.its the same with my girl has entered his life before me.Thanks God!!!i didn’t get caught to a guy like you!

    • life would be awesome if we dont have deep love or harted towards anyone…

    • Dear Sam, I am not disputing your views or comment as that was & still the case for most young girls or boys. To be fair, once they are caught in the web of multiple partners & even marriages, there is nothing left after they turn 30 & they are caught in an intense period where most of their fellow friends around their age group settle down finally. What they had signed on their wedding certificate is actually an agreement as stated in their chosen wows. They, especially the man, will try to doubt the loyalty of their wife & vice-versa in the case of woman, after 7 years on marriage, where their husband were in the early forties. Their are parents who I don’t have to comment on their parenting skills (that is totally another subject). Most strong & real love between couple happen at the age around 20 – 23 where both the couple think seriously about their journey as a couple for a lifetime. This is what I call commitment where that first touch, kiss & date all will still flash in their memory anytime they close their eyes. Even after being a parent, their same strength of that commitment is transferred to their kids. They will renew & relight their vows & love whenever, they felt that “feeling” is missing or recharge. They will always head for they 2/3/4 honeymoon without their kids & become like the same old couples again. This is what I call “love” & “commitment”. We knew our responsibility as a parent will only last 2 decades & we will be ageing together, sharing our lives even more than ever before. Everyday, is a gift we earn as a couple. I am so very sad & disappointed for you, Sam. Your life is basically on a fast lane & you will never be able to enjoy the full blessed life of couple-ship. You will be one of those statistics where you give your last name to ÿour” child who might be biologically fathered by anybody accept you. At that age, you will be scared to even test your only child for paternity test as you don’t want to start or cannot start all over again. For man like you love & having sex is 2 different matter where loyalty or commitment, true from the heart does NOT exist. If you are Indian by blood, you will live a life for the world. Do you know why India by statistics have the highest rate for single successful marriage? It is because once a MAN or WOMAN are in love both will take pride in only having a single partner for life. That was & is always that deep in everybody’s thought & most Indians blood. Most caucasian not knows this fact & highly rate we, INDIANs for this believe in a single relationship for a lifetime. Now, Indian guys in a foreign country are hot stuff, they love to be friends with them to engage in this mindset. Even, in our university we can see at least 1 racially intermix couple in the campus & I would always comment to my kids that the non-Indian counterpart must be very lucky & bless. If I close my eyes now, I will visualise my wife as when I saw her in our college years even though decades have past. Only the occasional photos will took reminds us of the journey that we had past(a sad & happy mixed feeling). That is why I hate taking photos even-though technology now almost permits us to take a photo each day for perhaps (portrait photo-blog). Sam, everybody has only 1 chance to lead a perfect life but you had missed that but not all a lost as you can still live a life that is so very normal that you belong to the majority, it is only very difficult to be in the minority but our genes are free from parasites. There are still no cures for some type of STI, eg HERPES. Enjoy your time trying to have a clean “blood”, when you have more than one sex partner you are not only contaminating your thoughts (as dirty as your comment) but also your blood. My wife want to finish this pondering thought with this last sentence, “Have a life, there is still a chance to put your life right, get acquainted with God & commit yourself with religious activity & let, Him, lead your life for you.

    • @ sam ……………….. if a taxi driver needs money he will think how many kms he needs to drive to earn the money ,,,,,,,,,,,if a doctor needs money he will think how many patient he needs to see …. but when a prostitute need money she will think how many customer she need to spend time in bed ……….. so each and everyone think there own way and u cant say all will think same ok …………..better change ur thinking ………………decent part finished ………………………….dai pannnada parathesi porambokku narra ku*** mutta p**** ne pesuradhuna ounnna pathi mattum pesu ne periya puklavaruy madhi elllarayum thapu solladha ……………….. unna petha antha magaraasi appo ve unnna konnu irundha nee ipaadi pon ugala thapa pesa matta …

  25. Nice… it’s all about Relationship. Timing seems to be the decider!!!

  26. venkat mani

    super movie… best in recent .. love the BGM.. cute pair also… everyone can watch…

  27. thanks 4 giving such a nice movie……………..

  28. mokka movie…..

  29. goutham

    startng alaipayuthae… lovers will like the movie.. bt too sloww.. padama ethu pakka bore…!! bt once again i repeat lover’sku pidikum.., songs were awesome.. hero ku dance adda kathu kudthrkalam..

  30. good movie

  31. nice movie, love is gret

  32. wat an idea !!!! great superb……..excellent……….

  33. can watch one time..feel good

  34. nice to watch…nice story…

  35. Pavitra

    Feel Good ,Decent Movie.Both have acted good.He is very handsome and resembles Rahuvaran and she resembles Jyothika in her smiles and acting too

  36. Senthil

    mokka padam

  37. arananth

    gud gud gud…nice both are acting nice…best screen play….

  38. subhashini

    superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb movie i like it very much

  39. kovshik

    sumar padam 1 time watch panalam

  40. feel good film, enjoyed watching 🙂

  41. good movie i like it

  42. awesome movie !! i liked it! 🙂

  43. Ravichandran

    Good Movie.

  44. sathya yashu

    reallllllllllly superb…!!!!!!!!! gr8…..

  45. really good,movie. nice to watch

  46. chandru

    v, good movie………….nice story………..good making

  47. awsome movieeeeeeeee

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