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Watch Kondan Koduthan Movie Online starring Kathir, Advaitha, Ilavarasu, Ganja Karuppu; Directed by G Rajendran

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  1. aram Chandra Bose says:

    Very sensitive family story.
    “Pasa Malargal” was more sensitive and sentiment .
    Now this Film made me more touching and wept due to the scenes were made very touching as if we are also involved into this story.
    Songs are quite magnificient and it gives certain moral words that everybody could follow in our lifetime..

  2. jwala says:

    Nice time pass. Sustainable 😉

  3. pdrv says:

    stupid movie!!! save time.
    don’t watch it…

  4. grt film, very touchable

  5. Balaji says:

    Thanks for the movie..Had timepass

  6. gandhiraj says:

    very very good film……….?

  7. kaviya says:

    great film …………………

  8. Ashok says:

    Good time-pass family sentiment movie

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