Super Singer Junior 3 18-03-2012-Vijay TV Show

Watch Vijay Tv Super Singer Junior 3 18-03-2012 Online.

Round: Day 3

Source 1 Super Singer Junior 3 18-03-2012


  1. Blue team is a clear winner! Cheating judges are totally biased.
    Unparalleled Srinisha excelled all the way !

  2. pinjilaka pilapi.du u understand me.i am a mad i will type wt ever i want.i want a dog i am not liking this program

  3. blue team really good team vijay tv idond know judges wrong judgemend winner blue tem

  4. vigneshwar

    red red urine on the bed- to akilesh
    blue blue jeti blue-santosh balagi
    green green stupid qween-priyanka
    yellow yellow dirty fellow sitting on the buffellow-shruthika sister

  5. faustine xavier

    Dear judges why do want to show partiality.
    Did any money transfered under the table.Blue team was the best.Why you people didnot give them the prize.It is wrong judgement.couldn’t digest

  6. great blue team. nice concept . u narrowly missed the first prize.. girls out smart. still performance is much more important thatn the prize. every one is watching it. From audience point of view u r the winner

  7. pure partiality waste judges…

  8. blue team really good. why red team win. 3 judges wrong judgement. vijay tv whats up. blue team winner.

  9. blue team really good . vijay tv idont know , judges wrong. it is not blue team winner.

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