Super Singer Junior 3 04-03-2012-Vijay TV Show

Watch Vijay Tv Super Singer Junior 3 04-03-2012 Online.

Round: Day 3

Source 1 Super Singer Junior 3 04-03-2012


  1. hai srisha don’t cry. you are a good singer.

  2. I think shrisha’selemination is extreamly fabulous! She is very tallented siger for the observetion,it will be
    have to reconsider for the Judgers!

  3. srisha is good singer. why they eliminated? i was shocked

  4. srisha elelimination is very bad and also malavika oru not good voice . srisha so much of better than all> i expected top 10. but they did appou

  5. Judges comments very misleading.Chitra commented that they should limited their dance if they can’t sing well and she says this is a singing competition and not dancing. Most kids dance but lack in singing yesterday and still selected.Srinisha was the best.She sang well but I know that these judges always voted out the best kids first.I think they should change the judges first.Srinivasan , Sailaja madam and Mr.Unni Krishnan should be the judge.Very sad to say from Singapore that the judges who have vast experience makes these kind of silly mistake.

  6. Super singer team, please reconsider this result !!! She is a very potential singer !!!

  7. senthilsaravanan

    hi chithra madam,why eliminated miss.shrisha?y need dance when singing?please,reconsider.all the judges doing mistake.shrisha dont worry about elimination and support only 2 u.super singer has missed u.Really i am missing u.

  8. subhashini

    hey its relly very unfair, many didnt sing well n some sang ok but couldnt perform….super singer is a singing competion , if u find fault in singing u can eluminate …not a performance ground….srisha is the one n only competetor 4 suganya…once she enters voters zone she ll be the winner…nice soothing voice n dimensions expressions n all….really its pitty on chitra even accepted 4 this…she is just replicai of chitra who even doesent know to dance or move but she is a great siner…plz judges give a fair judgement

  9. I think shrisha’s elemination is extreamly unfair.what a tellented singer has been eliminated for minor thing.Judgers have to be reconsider regarding this.strongly disagree.

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