Pirivom santhipom 28-03-2012 vijay tv serial online

Watch Pirivom Santhipom 28-03-2012-Vijay Tv Serial online

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  1. super story

  2. very nice story… but 2 days jyothi was stupid marriage. family is important 24 years stayed one house . jyothi very very bad.

    • hey u both lalitha and suri u dont know the value of our personal life…nothing wrong has done by Jyothi,
      Her love matter was known to everybody then y dint they take any step after-all she is Mr.Shanmugaraj daughter inst it.They could hav married earlier but due to the respect to parents she was unable to do it , but lastly wat did Shanmugarajan did,,without telling abt the marriage of Jyothi everything was planned…True love never dies…so they got married……….Nice story…………hats of to the director

  3. yes i watched this serial very wonderful story. . but jyothi going wrong wrong. dicision. today episode shanmuga rajan talking acting good. nowa days all teen age girls going love falls. life family important .love is not important. somany days jyothi good behavior. but marriage is not correct. sngeetha is very bad .family bad person. how to allow sangeetha inside the house .

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