Neengalum Vellalam oru kodi 07-03-11 Vijay TV show

Watch Neengalum Vellalam oru kodi 07-03-11-Vijay TV show


Neengalum Vellalam oru kodi 07-03-11

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  1. balakrishnan

    I watch to gain knowledge, I get nothing out of this Neegalum vellalam oru kodi. Useless programme
    i don’t know why Vijay TV is trying to project Tamil people are low in general knowledge. There fore questions are arranged simple and low quality to answer I think.Poor Suriya must be getting bad name apart from imitationg Amitab. ” I can only say Gana mayel ada kanuirunda vankozi thanum adu yendru bavithu, thandu polla chiragai virithu adinar pol

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