Neengalum Vellalam oru kodi 06-03-11 Vijay TV show

Watch Neengalum Vellalam oru kodi 06-03-11-Vijay TV show


Neengalum Vellalam oru kodi 06-03-11

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  1. K.Srinivasan

    Dear Mr. Suriya, it is wonderful programme, the way in which you conduct this programme is fabulous,I wish you all the very best for your future projects, may god bless you. It is requested that to became a contestant in this programme what is the condition and how to register, I hope you will guide us


  2. Great Surya(Saravana) you are the real hero……

  3. Super Surya,

    It will be super good if you give some good suggestions like this in all the episodes, please keep up the good job!!!! Our India totally needs this education, it is more opt when they hear from their hero directly, Not only Tamil Nadu where ever you go in India this is the situation, we proudly say that we Indians are good in education and other stuff, but when it comes to cleanliness we are in the back seat, When we come to India we definitely want to see a clean India, We should be able to say proudly about our Country, It is very simple to do this, and this should be taught to our children too at a very young age, and also in schools. Please keep our Motherland Clean.

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