Muthaaram 20-03-2012 – Sun TV Serial

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Muthaaram 20-03-2012


  1. Rukmini .vl

    Azyagi is extrfemely good and acting of the each stars is very natural . I have no words to express my That husband of Mathi is most natural acting and casual. Oh my God feel like beating him but its the best natural acting .tremely well. I really enjoy every one’s acting . superb with different facial expressions. surya and Natraj also have acted extremely well very casual and all are doing extremely well. On the whole , the story is very interesting and shows the people’s real mentality. . Chellame is ofcourse is great with Radhika madam . athipookkal is also chanceless. Anjali’s acting is extremely natural. All the Sun Tv serials are extremely well. My greetings to each producers , directors and actors .

  2. Rukmini .v

    Mrs . Devayani’s acting is very much liked by me particularly in the serials. Now her acting as a family lady in Mutharam is superb ! very very natural acting . Even all the acters acts extremely well and very casual. So its enjoyable to watch such type of serials.

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