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Watch Vinayaga Movie Online starring Krishnudu,Sonia,Santhanam,surya teja,Poonam Kaur, in lead; directed by Bhala Shekharan; Originally was released as Vinayakudu in telugu in 2008.

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  1. realy good movie
    i love this movie

  2. sumithra karunakaran

    very very very nice movie

  3. YES a good movie, the male and female lead have done a good job…. liked it

  4. i like move 100/100 very very …………….. good move

  5. Really superb film. I like it most..

  6. superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb movie

  7. good one

  8. Are you kidding me ? Is this how they talk in chennai these days ?
    The actors converse like kinter garden kids. The english feels like a candy floss school drama written by 10 year olds.
    I felt like screaming “Fuck her ass karthik and Give him a big sloppy blow job bitch” half thru the movie.

  9. really nice movie…..

  10. praveen george

    nice movie I would like to be a man like the hero and this is the love story wish to happen in my life.

  11. Good one.

  12. excellent movie

  13. gd movieee, daaa ending was so sweet…..

  14. nice movie

  15. very nice and movie going smoothly keep it up ………………

  16. Its really a nice movie! Natural acting of Hero is great. Heroin is pretty. Wish I could send them individual mails appreciating their acting.

  17. great movie dont miss it

  18. thulasiayyappan

    the heroin with curly hair is simply super….

  19. very nice movie.i loved it

  20. enna koduma saravnan ithu .

  21. rilham yoosuf

    i enjoy this film really fantastic nice

  22. mookka padam

  23. good movie….

  24. mocca mohan.. watchable once


  26. nice movie

  27. Very nice movie

  28. Nice movie

  29. good i love it santhanam s flim s are very good

  30. Good One

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