Watch Kadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Yeppadi Movie Online

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Kadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Yeppadi movie online
Kadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Yeppadi movie

Watch Kadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Yeppadi Movie Online Starring Siddharth,Amala Paul,Suresh in the lead;directed by Balaji Mohan

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  1. Ok not bad

  2. sooooo romantic

  3. Nice movie. hats off to director balaji mohan. everyone in the film performed well. In particular, Arjun (Failed in love several times. Due to his experiences in love acts as a Love guru to friends) and vignesh scenes were really superb and enjoyed a lot.!

  4. if u hv luvr .must wath

  5. nice movie…enjoyed every bit of it and remembered my college days 🙂 and the funniest part of proposing.

  6. mokkai pottu saavadippadhu eppadi??? example movie is this

  7. very nice movie and very very nice sodhappal

  8. nice movie….can learn a lot of thing in LOVE3…HAHA

  9. oh!my god what a flim its boring

  10. nalairku

  11. plz upload full movie having good quality of audio

  12. it ‘s very bad

  13. better then more

  14. shanmugam

    niz movie.. good time passing

  15. MasterMindXd

    Great Movie 😀

  16. Good movie for a change. Nice flow through out the movie……. liked a lot

  17. nice film

  18. sombdy else let s start sodhapal………..

  19. nice film… i really love tis concept..


  21. Awesome movie

  22. Beautiful Movie………..

  23. mokka movie and boring

  24. Natarajan Subramanian

    Good movie. . . But my Love is very very Different to others love…. Both of them Love but nobody can tell. I don’t know why? . . . .
    But Still now i have waiting for her rely. . . .

  25. thulasiayyyappan

    amala paul kandi padam pakalam… nejamave indha character ku suit aguranga amala pal…

  26. good one….

  27. watch full edy!reali nice..lets start sothepel 😛

  28. 1st waN I MIN..youku!

  29. audio bad,liek pattasu sound!reupload better quality.thnx.d movie nice,i juz watch half oni,i wan watch full!

  30. Semma mokka

  31. Very very superb movie………..Don’t miss it

  32. super movie…

  33. Hi Rajtamil,

    I saw the film – kadhalil sodhappuvadhu yeppadi. Director Balaji Mohan
    was pass the way of love life that so nice. Congract Balaji Mohan. Go and win with your way.


  34. Dei Maapla kalakkeetiyeda. sorry da, innaikke theaterarukku poren……….
    innum unkitta niraya ethirparkura machaan……………….

  35. nice entertaining movie….well done director..
    all the best 4 ur future projects

  36. why is the movie not working on this website plz fix it

  37. Padam soooperunga…
    semma enjoyment and entertaining…
    ena maathiriyae naraiyaa peroda life la nadantha pala ninaivukala nyabakapaduthum…
    kandipa na theater laium poi papen…
    Thank u admin for sharing….

  38. Rly awesome luvn it 😛

  39. ha ha ha epiditha edikiranga

  40. Movie is really good ,Amalapaul acting is much appreciated

  41. VERY BAD

  42. awesomeee…loved it..every youth will love this!!!!

  43. super movie

  44. aminbigapple

    superb movie..

  45. Now quality in source 1 is very good!! THANK YOU!!

  46. Audio very bad cannot watch

  47. Sneha Verma

    Hi Admin..
    Can u upload Ambuli movie?? Thanks

  48. audio is bad.admin pls upload a better quality..

  49. no good

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