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Dhoni Tamil Movie

Watch Dhoni tamil Movie Online directed by Prakash Raj;Starring Prakash Raj,Akash Puri,Radhika Apte,Brahmanandam and Nassar in the lead.

Dhoni is based on the 2010 Marathi film Shikshanachya Aaicha Gho.

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  2. A very practical story……………………………………….

    • Its so stupid udhay… u think its a practical story???????i dont…….this concept has been used in many stories……..i think u r an idiot to say this movie as a practical and new centre……..

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  3. Christine

    Good show…nice values that parents need to know! Leave inspirations to the kids! Motivate them and guide them through their dreams

  4. Very very nice movie,excellent.Gud team work and story everything very nice.End of the film i cried.

  5. ohh its so gud……….by this movie i understood the value of my school……….the best skllll……..who will understand children ambition and aim and make their way to sucessss……the one and only kalashitra foundation the great besant arundall senior secondary skllllll(BASS),……..the best skl in the world were we get lot of mother, father ,sister and brother………….the skllllll of love , affection, patriotism,caring to both humans and animals,…………ohhhhhhhhhhhhh I AM SOOOOOOOO PROUD,… I AM STUDYING IN BASS…

  6. abuferash

    excellent movie

  7. Varna Kandiah (Toronto Canada)

    What a nice+touching story! It reminded me, many of us (as parents, torturing our kids for
    unknown success.

    I wish the producer a “BRAVO” and to produce many more movies like this from Tamil Film

  8. best movie of 2012 is dhoni it was a inspirational movie for the boys who were playing cricket

  9. nice and family movie

  10. very good movie, its all about the talent of a boy.

  11. superbbbbbbb

  12. superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

  13. Glory John

    Superb Movie. thanks to Prakash Raj. I am your fan. please continue your work. All the best. God Bless.

    • Nice advice for parents all over the world. Life is competitive but not necessarily in one specific field: academics. As long as the kid is excelling in something shouldn’t it be good enough?

  14. excellent movie….everybody should watch….
    pls show dis movie in all d skl……..

  15. awesome movie
    i should say thanks for prakash raj

  16. super mvie
    super prakash raj

  17. prabakaran

    this is really good message to each and every parents,i hope mr.prakashraj sir to take another film with good message like this. thanks to mr.prakashraj sir.

  18. Thanks to prakashraj .. excellent

  19. Awesome Prakash Raj….Excellent movie

  20. 17*8=136

  21. karthikeyan

    100/100 mark

  22. suberb flm :putnam:

  23. sachindhonikohli

    oops nice movie but name should be “sachin”

  24. very good movie


  26. kn mohamed



  28. Excellent Movie ! Thanks to PrakashRaj and Team for educating the Educational Illiterate ! Awesome !

  29. asesomeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  30. EXcellent movie … good message too. hats off Prakashraj Sir ….

  31. super

  32. Max Edward Erli

    i like this trend, i plan to motivate my children’s talents to achieve their best

  33. Very Good Movie. I will not compel my daughters to concentrate studies only after seeing this movie. Excellent.

  34. Very good movie. I also feel guilty while ask my son to prepare for the exams. But what could we do in this competitive world?

  35. superb movie every parents ,children and teachers should watch this movie……..students should express their talents……..thank u p.raj

  36. nice movie

  37. a must watch movie for all parents 🙂


    no jans in the movie super movie

  39. very good movie….. pls take movie like this …. and change the people mind…..

  40. Excellent concepts in educational field to our state people thanks to Prakashraj thank u

  41. good movie all shoude watch

  42. worth watching..!!! and Must Watch parents.

  43. Wonderful movie … Good job Mr.P.Raj … Thumbs up !! Wishes for more good pics from u !!Keep up excellent work !!

  44. gopee ramanan

    Another wonderful movie from Prakashraj. So many heartfelt sequences brought in tears. Superb acting Prakash. Wish you get an award for this film.

  45. Prakashraj acting superb, every childrens and parents must watch..

  46. excellent movie. a must watch one.

  47. senthil kumar

    good movie

  48. D.sasikumar and son Master keerthi

    Very nice movie, very thanks to Mr.Prakash raj, always duet movies standing on Top for providing good movies (like abium naanum and this movie)

  49. its cool movie think it would be a great hit one

  50. Super movie…..
    illayaraja illayataja than……………

  51. cinema vala intha education maatram vantha india romba vekama munalavarum. nalla karuthu. vazhlthukkal.

  52. i shd take my parents to theatre this wek end…….

  53. very good film a prakashraj movie every family watch this film

  54. Excellent concepts in educational field to our state people thanks to Prakashraj

  55. nice movie 🙂 a must watch one…

  56. Excellent movie!!! Thank you Prakash Raj and hats off to you. He should definitely honored with awards for choosing this kind ofimportant subject which is necessary to the present society.

  57. Thanks to prakashraj, given us such a wonderful movie again..Everyone Must change our education system & country too.

  58. wonderfull awesome movie semma gethu i think we will get a cool form of education

  59. sivakavitha

    excellent movie

  60. good movie but only half of the movie is there.pls.upload the remaining part.

  61. Prakashraj’n mattrumoru kaaviyam…

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