Super Singer Junior 3 20-02-2012-Vijay TV Show

Watch Vijay Tv Super Singer Junior 3 20-02-2012 Online.

Round: Day 1

Source 1 Super Singer Junior 3 20-02-2012


  1. Bavana and Makapa your performance is so “MOKKAI”. No one laughed for your dance. You can noticed from Mr.Unni Krishnan.

  2. I say to thanks for the change airtel super singer 3 in weekend.

  3. today very bore same songs coming. bore BORE BORE

  4. 10 th exam coming dont watch super singer. you want to study.

  5. very bore very bore waste of one hour. hello school kids study well dont watch. exam is very important super singer is not important 10 th board exam is life…please study.. super siner ever year coming…

  6. today very bore ..bore programmm.waste of 1 hour. .super kids one day get prize than going . times is precious dont waste the time…dont watch tv programm.exam is very important. super singer you dont get good marks. study well. why weekend .kids spoil

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