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Vettai Movie Online

Watch Vettai Movie Online Starring:Madhavan, Arya and Sameera Reddy

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  2. Lo0000ve aryan. Very3 machoooooo!!!!!

  3. d film is nyz………

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  5. i liked it…!!

  6. sivakami

    super flim machi

  7. Anthuvan

    I like

  8. wat u said is rit……….
    mokka padam……

  9. thandam movie.nanban is good than this. dont compare this with that

  10. I like this movie

  11. Its very interesting movie and commedy flim……….i like it

  12. not bad

  13. MOKKA mega mokka vettai movie

  14. I like


  16. gud one

  17. mokka padam

  18. Vejayin funny movie

  19. vijay fan

    nanban is superr duperr than this
    arya is okk
    but this movie not matching to this generation
    two brothers love
    two sisters
    oohh old storyyy
    yekh thuu

  20. nice….


  22. i love you arya simply superb

  23. 1980 s la vara vendiya movie…mokka padam

  24. I Wont Kill


  25. superb film

  26. Very interesting film.we college students like that………

  27. Good one

  28. selvaganapathy

    very nice movie


  30. good movie but amala paul and Samira to be a sexy

  31. Nice movie but too much buffering while watching. i have the speed of 2GB.
    first time i am facing like this much buffering.

  32. fine, i really like this movie

  33. super movie, very good comedy, commercial movie, family entertainment movie,im also recommend to everyone 2 watch this movie.

  34. awesome movie

  35. arya rockss…..

  36. daniela from Mexico

    Thank you for uploading …. very much wanted to see it because here in Mexico do not pass these movies so beautiful .. many thanks

  37. Very nice entertainer.. simply super movie.. i enjoyed the movie..


  39. pls watch avasarapolice100 – Film by K.Bhagyaraj


  41. good time pass

  42. what happends last? arya getting job??

  43. nice commercial hit movie arya and maddi rocks

  44. Arya Madhavan Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuper

  45. G.Krishna Vamsee

    superb film, i love it, Arya and Madhavan what a commination awesome………..

  46. vettai. simply rock.lingusamy sir action are fabulous.always lingu heroines are gud looking.sply amala paull.maddy back to hit the tamil movie

  47. Ben Johnson

    The movie is simply Superb.This is the best movie of the decade which i watched till now.What a story machaaa…
    ARYA & MADHAVAN are reLE back with a thunderbolt action flick,it’s truely awesome.The story tells us about the love & affection between 2 brothers.I personally recommend everyone 2 watch this movie,it’s a family entertainer…

  48. awesome movie but bg sound is not clear

  49. Its a really good film. Better than nanban

  50. Very nice movie, different and variety in song.. Arya looks awesome..Simply COOL !!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. very good movie to watch with family madhavan awesome keep it up

  52. Good movie. First I should thank to Madavan to do this kind of character also Arya prove he is as good actor after Naan kadavul,Boss,Avan Ivan also. Suppose this is a full etertainment movie.
    All r doing well. I like this movie very much. Personnally i want to reply for the privious comment: Mr Mani commend as this is look like Avasara police or ragasiya police. I dint see MGR or Bhakyaraj movie. So i dont have cofusion. NB: Older may avoid the new movies and commands……….

  53. gud comedy, commercial movie just awesome 🙂 😀

  54. As per my opinion the movie is a remake of AVASARA POLICE 100 – acted and directed by K.Bhagiyaraj

  55. avg padam..madhavan mattum illa padam..idhu oru suttha waste to watch..

  56. very good movie after long time. 🙂

  57. difference x ray

    i really really like thiz movie, n arya, madawan is my feot acters,, all the bst !!!!!

  58. so goooooooooooooooood

  59. hey can u plzz upload this movie on utube agen plzzz itz been removed

  60. nice moovie

  61. same concept as baghyaraj avasara police 100

  62. Superb Movie….. from this time its also a one of the favorite movie of mine…

  63. mokkai padam

  64. nc mv but not btr den nanban……………….

  65. Star Tamil Chat

    We got two mixed coments in our chat users. Like some people saying that its a perfect entertainer and some users saying second half chould be better. Anyway. Can see atleast once!!!

  66. well OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. 1st half mass…second half sama blade….maddy sekkiram thaiyeram varuvathu namba mudiyavillai……

  68. mokkai mohan

    gurunatha ithuku mela porukka mudiyathu gurunatha!!


    arya acting super ,super movie

  70. this movie is like bhagyaraj’s movie…. avasara plice 100n…lol

  71. ist part ok……pathri ….antha padam intha padamnu serthu vidda padam !!!!konjam nalla irukku ….konjam mokka poduthu !mmmmmm

  72. Padam Super……….

  73. nice but movie go so slow

  74. Mokka padam….nothing special…waste songs. yuvan sucks..
    Only good thing is arya maddy

  75. nice movie but last 15 min boreing…..

  76. nice………..dude

  77. Nice movie of this year & maddy acting is fantastic:-).

  78. Good commercial film. jude let me, what’s your view on this film.

  79. s.prakash Dubai

    Nice movie with good action Keep it up Linguswamy Team.

  80. Lingusamy yan landu samy ya aakitan

  81. nice movie — good chance for nanban

  82. Awesome movie, gonna be a blockbuster !!!! thanks for the upload, well appreciated !!!!

  83. The Movie Isn’t Awesome its kinda Average….. Those guys Used to Blabber in Some Sort’a Scenes … Buh Can Watch it Once ………..

  84. Y do u spread false news that film is not good? This attitude shows u r vijay fans.

  85. kalathur Ramaswami Adigal

    not worth seeing the film

  86. ok movie

  87. A Nice Movie.Climax Is Great.

  88. A nice movie. Fantastic work by Lingusamy and nice acting by madhavan and arya
    . Arya and Amala are very good pair also Madhavan and Sameeeeeera…:)

  89. A nice movie. Fantastic work by Lingusamy and nice acting by madhavan and ary. Arya and Amala are very good pair also Madhavan and Sameeeeeera…:)

  90. pls upload to youtube…….

  91. wow class movie.

  92. dai mokkai no 1….

  93. nice movie…..arya look so good……

  94. subaranjana

    mathavan acting is super.

  95. upload the remaining parts yar…

  96. dai paathi padatha paarthuddu eppadidaa solringa super movie nu !!! ?

  97. Faisal - Sri Lankan from Doha-Qatar

    Super movie

  98. Nice movie, good entertainment, kindly upload part 4,5 and 6 soon

  99. super movie

  100. enkaiyo paartha movie yaave irukku

    • Brother, this film somewhat resembles like Bhagyaraj film Avasara police 100 starring silk smitha ,goutami…………

  101. ithuvaraikum ok yenkadaa adtha part chikiram upload pannungala !!!!!!!!!

  102. mokka padam pa…………:)

  103. wen l u upload nothr three parts..waiting..pls upload…

  104. please update the movie soon……………. cnt wait 2 c it……..

  105. not bat

  106. nice movie

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