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The Dirty Picture Tamil Movie Online

Watch Dirty Picture Movie in Tamil based on the life of Silk Smitha.Starring Vidya Balan, Naseeruddin Shah, Tusshar Kapoor and Emraan Hashmi in lead roles

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  1. who ever it is love changes every one that is the strong message

  2. lakshmanprakash

    Realy a nice movie.. a lot of strong good messages in it.. and it tells about the reality of the most of the peoples.. people dont remain the same at various parts of the life whnever they go high god or nature shows us the reality everytime and its upto them to change their paths as good..( am not telling the silk character alone the heroes…) really one of the best picture i have seen..friend said its nice but dint expect it to be this nice.. vidhya balan hats off for living as silk part 2.. many to say space dont permit…tc ! 馃檪

    • +1

      Lot of people had bad comments for vidhya taking this role. But she did a wonderful job portraying actress life in indian film industry.

  3. hello Nits….we are really in cultured family
    not like ur family……..
    if cultured family cannot watching movie right..
    y so stupid…..?????
    tink 1st before talk..

  4. @anthan: if you from such a cultured family …. why the hell do you wanna see this movie?????????????????

  5. I thought this film is real story to all heroiens till.

  6. this film is good & really nice story but Please avoid putting this image in the front 鈥ecause its very dirty to see with others. please avoid this wall pitcher and make some more creative ideas of this stories & sexily bye

  7. ok..not bad… but not entertainment..serious movie..

  8. Well…Silk Smitha the sex siren of the 80’s and 90’s and such a sad empty life. Many silk smitha’s still exist in today’s society..who come with dreams and ambitions…and in the process they are used and thrown away…the users ensuring that they get what they want….Sad!

    Thanks to the makers of this movie, for reviving and resurrecting the memories of Silk Smitha – the South Indian Marlyn Monroe. May her soul rest in peace!

  9. yes…. realy nice story

  10. real heroine cinema

  11. Please avoid putting this image in the front image…feels very awkward to go to a website for entertainment and finding this picture as the main focus.

    • nothing is wrong with that picture stop over reacting.

    • i agree with him . plz dont put pictures like this it is discusting . and sorry we live in a house with culture and we are not cave man

      • It is not discusting its is DISGUSTING, why are all Indian ppl spelling it wrong?

        • Thanks Meera english teacher. Teach the lessons in your class, not here. Might be he has typo, so dont find fault on others.

          anthan – this is public forum. If you feel that the contents of this site is not suitable for you, then stay away. Don’t complain.

  12. its good entertienar entertienar entertienar and also love feel movie

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