Neeya Naana Rajnikanth Special 11-12-11-Vijay TV show

Watch Neeya Naana Rajnikanth Special 11-12-11-Vijay TV show

Neeya Naana Rajnikanth Special 11-12-2011-Vijay TV show
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  1. Aw, this was a really good post. Taking a few minutes and actual effort to create a great article… but
    what can I say… I procrastinate a lot and never seem to get anything done.

  2. Mr. karthikG, Padma, Bala, Prakash, Siva, Selvam, Suresh, Soundar, Dominic, Kumar, & Raja…

    First a fall, try to under a person who living next to you… Have you all people ever
    seen god in your life. If any anybody saying like, I have seen god, just keep in your mind that particular
    person making fool of all us.

    See, whoever helping the other persons without any expectation, making them laughing, entertaining, making the people to forget their pains for few Mins are living human gods that is Rajnikanth…

    Just simply talking about the issues is no way going to help any poverty & illiterate
    people. Try to encourage the good human beings and make them to enter into politics.

    Directly or indirectly so many people are gained with the help of Rajnikanth. These
    political bastards are not allowing him to do any good things and entering into

    I know it’s our nature that we will always run behind the cunning persons in our life.
    Your comments are really really really ridiculous…………..

    This show is really a welcoming one…… Thanks GOPI…………. Thanks All…..

  3. Mr dharan you are great. super star is always super star.

  4. Dharan [One of Thalaivar Die Hard Fan]

    I have seen so many people shown their expression negatively. I am sorry that most of them commented badly… Neeya Naana main goal to see the things positively whatever it might be… From your comments I can see like.. you guys waiting for.. good spectators to see the problem and how the people fighting like an animal…. I expect you guys to think positively.. Whatever the topic is take the good thing…. Here they dint about.. Rajinikanth dress is super.. his face color is super…. When you listen with art taste.. you can find out lot of things behind…

    1. Rajinkanth is a Teacher. His lessons reached everyone’s mind for free of cost. those who dont follow this goes doctor for mental issues. I am not telling he is the only one.. Atleast accept one and encourage others to follow atleast..

    2. He is a role model. One guy wrote a business boook based on his dialgoues. Not a easy thing to take.

    3. Entertainment is needed in life.. if that entertainment seed seriousness in life then life is Destroyed..

    4. A man of power.. When everyone started talking positive about a guy.. I am damn sure one day you want to be like this person and work for that.. If everyone started then you can see a developed country.

    5. I know you wont agree my points. But pls develop Taste of accepting others growth.

    Hope you all will atleast realise if my points are good.

  5. Bullshift topi. treat human as human not as god. stupid gopi.

    • Dharan [One of Thalaivar Die Hard Fan]

      Our ancient people started creating different gods with different names. The mainly reason is to make human as human. if there was no god then human would have become a animal by fighting each other. We are following gods and the good things wrote by our anchestor to maintain human growth rather destroying. For us , from whose acting and whose speech we learnt more moral things in our life. We call him god… Even this is just for the sake. The time we started calling a human god means..As per Anbe Sivam Dialague by kamal……. Nee Naan Sivam… Neeyum Kadavul Thaan…. Try atleast not to disturb others to maintain humananitory

  6. Oh my god!!! please grow up. Rajini is a good human being, he is not a god. We have sooo many other issues,
    please use the powerful media for the betterment of the society, usually I won’t comment in any websites like this but THIS STUPID TOPIC, I can’t take it, felt like I had to do something….

  7. Bala(Sudan)


    I can understand, lots of people are involved in finalizing the topic,,why dont u suggest those people to stop this kind of non-sense topic..

  8. Gopi sir dont talk about such a topic I respect your channel lot talk about how we go for growth our country,sorry to say bad show i m a super star fan

  9. don’t get subject from dream factory, discuss about future issue

  10. mokkai.. waste show..

  11. Please Avoid these topics

  12. Dear Mr.Gobi ,

    Please we r expecting frm u society based topic. dont bring cinema in ur neeya nana ..please

  13. I know Mr.Gopi, ur truly not happy with this show.I can understood but what to do we are all working with under the corporate.

    Mr.Rajini impressed me only one things SIMPLICITY.
    but y guy’s give important to this man.u know very recently every weekend am watching this show on line.Even am lot of things learn from ur this GREAT NEEYA NAANA show but first time u guy’s make me(EXCUS-ME) fool.

  14. neeya nanna fan

    vethu topic, neeya nanna team try to take some reasonable topic to discuss

  15. Dear Gopinath.. Don’t make a stupid things.. Stupid topic…….

  16. Neeya OR Unga Aayava?

    Where is Nee and Naan in this topic – Rajini?

    There is no “For / Against” role in this topic.

    Your topic is totally erroneous here.

    When you talk about a SUBJECT here – as per the title – you should have two teams – one for “talking in favor of Rajni and his gimmicks”; the other should have been against “Rajini gimmicks”.

    Right or not????

    Please correct me if wrong….

    • Dharan [One of Thalaivar Die Hard Fan]

      The question is nice but think twice before asking this question…. I also watch neeya naana for the way take a topic and make people to agree or disagree. This show is really a psychological show…Where I can get information which is equal to reading 10news papers, reading books, taking degree. And as per your concept.. Sunday programs are logical wise correct. Special programs for pongal, deepavali and other occasional programs are special programs. That is the only day to make happy of their viewers without logic topics….. And in this topic also there is neeya naana logic.. I will explain how.. Who is the best fan of Rajinikanth.. Males or females… How males like a guy and female like a guy… What is their individual perspective… So You are wrong end of the day unga Ayyaaaaaaaa. 🙂

  17. Neeya OR Unga Aayava?


    When are you going to talk about pan-Indian topics such as Kashmir, Maoists, unnoticed North-East, Chinese Border threat, Indian Ocean being engulfed by enemies, Nuclear energy, Child labor, Raping, Water scarcity, recession, Inflation, Foreign remittance, poverty, dowry, family planning, AIDS, rich-poor gap, NRIs, Currency depreciation and other international yet social issues? These topics must be discussed from the Tamils / Tamil Nadu perspective. How long are you going to talk about literature, cinema, cine personalities?

    You don’t seem to be covering much about sports, sports education, extra curricular activities, sports personalities, etc? Your show seems to be women-centric like television serials just to increase the TRP ratings and eye balls. This show must grow to a next level. Your Neeya Naana content seems to mostly covering about “within-4-walls” issues such as mammiya-marumaga sandai, yaaru alaga irrukka, valluvar enna sonnar, Kannadasan enna kilichar, veetla samaikkradu yaaru, enna sappitta eppidi thoongalam, manasa vittu pesunga, etc…Your neeya naana will become an ondi aalamaram – if you are not going to upgrade the content to the next level where the world is integrating and people are effected by global financial, economic, cultural, and political decision. Please bring up those topic and ask people how to deal with it….Else, your program will end up to be a gossip show like cinema coffee, kaaram…

    India should get rid of hero worship and start discussing about system that will help our kids and poor people in coming days. Talking about MGR, RAJINI, SACHIN, SHARUKH, ARR, ABDUL KALAM, MANMOHAN, SONIA, KAMAL, JJ, OBAMA will not bring changes to your day-to-day life rather discuss about their decisions and actions that impact societal changes.

    Kudu sattiyila kuthira otradu niruthiputtu; let’s talk about global issues. Illenna, thaniya traffic signalla ninnun oruthoruthan pesikittu iruppan and Tamil Nadu will become like neighboring Kerala (simply sipping tea and discussing about clarity)

  18. mokkai topic

    • Dharan [One of Thalaivar Die Hard Fan]

      This Neeya Naana is not for general people.. Every time after break he is telling that this is a special show… made only for rajinikanth…… this is not a mokka topic bosss…. two judge wrote a book on this guy… Most valuable topic to reveal why all people so craze about him… why rajinikanth is most important for them than election results and politics and even native land…. The only reason… he made us happy… so as per tamil culture…. we are thinking him forever…. Dont discourage a media which is ready to show the talents of people rather than spreading rumors…

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