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Mayakkam Enna

Directed by Selvaraghavan
Story by Selvaraghavan
Starring Dhanush,Richa Gangopadhyay
Music by G. V. Prakash Kumar
Cinematography Ramji

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  1. Abdul Rahaman

    can anyone please upload English subtitles for this movie…….
    I am waiting for this for a long time

  2. my wife is like yamini

  3. boringggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg movieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  4. Frëêèký Frêék

    vaa nysh filim gud

  5. super site i like it

  6. jai singh

    hoo nice fil ya
    me to wat a wife like yamini
    accha film
    maim kheliye hoo hoo
    pannekha film lartha ya

  7. BS,Antonydos. Bangalore

    This movie made me cry

  8. It is the rubbishest film ever I have watched. Dhanush is an idiot. Richa is very ugly and selvaraghavan has no brain. Outrageously this film will be the turnover to the film industries. It is very dirty and floppage. So its a mocka film. MOCKA PADAM!!!!!!!!!!!

    • selvarockz

      selva rockzzzzzzzzzz once again .
      grrrrrrrrr8888888888 movie
      he’s one of the finest filmmakers in tamil

  9. senthil kumar

    The film was really nice. but Selvaragavan please avoid alcohol offenly using in your film.Dhanush done his job very well.

  10. Hi Mr.Selvaraghavan this film is simply supper no words to say every scenes is good all the very best sir

  11. i like this movie and very nice

  12. Very good acting by DHANUSH. Keep it up.

    Please pass this message to Selvaraghavan – Please stop taking PSYCHO movies. Don’t corrupt our tamil culture for money.

  13. Heart touching movements ,i don’t know tamil, but i understand the feeling what i experience,supur………B movie.Danush acting & his wife rol awsem ,tear of eye drop roll from mi

  14. very nice movie

  15. i need a wife like yamini

  16. moookkkkkaaaa filmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  17. Awesome!!!! This is what true husband & wife are called as “made for each other” & also friends. Heroine superb acting at one scene which touched the heart of every husbands. All the best for Mr Selvaraghavan & the crew 🙂

  18. If movie is success the mouth can talk but the mouth cant talk that is silent success. it is my heart full words…. the silent can continues more than 5 minutes after the movie.

  19. Manadhai Kayapadamal Parthukollavam…..

  20. Total waste movie……I never seen like this movie in my life ..!!! Dhanush selection is not good…..selvaraagavan please don’t take any more movies….people have to live in this world..!!!

  21. Russel crowe’s Beautiful Mind verses Dhanush Mayakam enna? I would strongly say Russel Crowe’s Beautiful mind.

    Any how they did the good job, After spending so much they ignored his hair style at the end of the movie, he looks a plonker

  22. This movie main story is stolen from Russel crowe’s very award winning movie, Beautiful mind hollywood motion picutre. In that he was maths genius with schizophernic mental disorder. His wife put up with him till the end and he won noble prize. True story and as far as i know he is still alive.

  23. the story was super and the herione RITCHA acting is excellent

  24. i would say a simple story backed with experience and fantastic skill. to friends who rate this movie as a rubbish one are yet to expose themselves to world class movies, and please don’t drag personal life and culture into the scenario. if you boast about culture and try to ignore the reality, i would rather say you are amazingly blind in your vision and assessment. brilliant direction, superb acting, the heroine was simply adorable. why shouldn’t we encourage brilliance like this for the goodness and growth of our movies.

  25. Amazing effort! easily the best of Selvaraghavan’s.
    background score is very nice.brilliant acting from Dhanush and Richa.
    Cut above the rest of the masala crap coming out of our industry.

    People who call it “boring” needs a crash course in “fine taste & good quality” 😉

  26. This is a simply awesome movie that i watched this year….the story is totally different from common tamil movies that had always played in screens….different practical perspectives , angles of life and love are brought up as well…..thumbs up hats off!!!!!

  27. they put no smoking and no drinking in the beginning of the movie…..eff that….they need to put no domestic violence between husband and wife.

  28. dumb ass movie. tamil movies are always degrading women as if it’s their job. i got so angry when she didn’t do anything when he beat her up. if i was her, i would have slapped that bitch.

  29. Film story is good. I do not understand why selvaraghavan is very obsessed with alcohol in his movies. All his movies are showing someone drinking alcohol in every 10 mnts in his movie. May be it is true in his family but not our tamil culture.

    I like the story, screenplay is very poor. Heroine is not showing any sense in her face. Selvaraghavn pls avoid alcohol culture in your next film.

  30. enna heroine ah potu irunda movie inum super ah pani irukalam selva

  31. a heart touching film , thanks to selva

  32. good film best of luck selva

  33. Actually it’s a good film very emotionally thou

  34. Rubbish film eva boring

  35. hi,this is a fantastic movie, it has a vital message to each and everyone ie., how to handle our bad time & failures in life (as a wife , as a friend and as an individual) . Whatever may be the gravity of the issues we face we have to stay quite and start finding a permanent solution 🙂 good work Mr. Selvaragavan….way to go:)Dhanush & the herione has done a splendid work & I give the world’s prestigeous award (oscar) to this film.Am a mother of a special needs boy I know , how bad is to handle the life in each and every nerveracking moment & the film is a good motivation for me & my husband….Hats off to Selva….Jaihind.

  36. woowww love it!!!!!!!!!!lovable movie best of luck selva

  37. Cannot watch anythin the whole movie is taken in dark places.
    Its not advisible 4 youngsters.
    Most important……………its the world’s boring movie.

  38. Boring flime ,,once watch

  39. @Krishna: I think you would be better off watching “Peruarasu Films” for you find this movie boring. You are one of those “Class C” audience who only wants to watch films with a heroistic element. Grow up… Selvaraghavan is one of those directors who really experiments and proves his skills in directing movies out of the stereotypical mass films. You need to start watching good movies.

  40. Nice lovable movie

  41. I didnt like this film much, boring to most part, even disgusting at some parts. The film is a bad influence on todays youth, may be the film’s story is that of the director’s life?

  42. boring…….. mayakam????????????????????? when did selvaraghavan turns manirathnam brother?
    full flim made in the drak shadow. sorry

    • i know, but it is not the movie it is the quality. i have been waiting for good quality for 2 weeks

    • Whoever said this movie is boring should grow up. Do you guys know why Indian cinema cannot do different types of movies is because guys like you. Americans appreciate different types of movies, see the variety of movies in holly wood. You guys like only cheap third grade movies where guys like Vijayakanth fight 100 people, we can understand if its a super hero movie, they show people like ordinary person and fight 100 people.

    • movie is good but slow moving realy good

    • You know what people have to grow…. be matured enough to comment. This movie is awesome and I cannot say how much i love this movie. This movie made me cry and i had a chance to live this n am still living and my wife still believes me that I am gonna achieve. Its belief and feel. I am speechless thanks to Selvaraghavan for directing such a lively movie for Tamil Industry. I am so proud of him and keep up the good work Mr.Selva.

      we love you so much for such a wonderful creation

      Thanks again


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