Watch Dam 999 Malayalam Movie with English subtitles Online

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DAM 999 malayalam movie online

Watch Dam 999 Malayalam Movie with English subtitles Online directed by Sohan Roy.

This film has been banned in Tamil Nadu, after all political parties were convinced the film is based on the Mullaperiyar Dam dispute between Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

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  1. Mynameisbilla

    Hey polaika vandha fellows, after the movie release slumdog millionaire remember wat happened. Indians collectively started rising voice against it as it.

    But this time, it happened before the movie release. How swift the tamils are..

    Fact is the movie is just to substantiate the views of keralites in kerala to demolish the dam. Keralites in tamilnadu dont go with this point.

  2. a human being

    superb……congrats sohan roy.i think jayalalitha has brain washed tamilians in such a way that they are closing their eyes against the facts associated with mullaperiyar dam.plz ignore racism and be humans first, then u will be able to understand the truth.more than indians or tamilians or malayalees v all are humans.pls save the lifes of is a request from one human bieng.i am not a malayalee or a tamilian. plz try to study the problem in a broader way.

  3. Superb Movie i like it……………..

  4. also don’t talk about racism . Malayalam are not racist. Think of us as Indians not tamil etc

  5. I think it is a good movie. don’t discredit the movie.well done Sohan Roy. Our people use to seeing crap movies , so they cannot enjoy a good intelligent movie.

  6. racist malayaaly has to be kicked off from tamil naadu

  7. paavam meera ….. 🙁

  8. This is my vidhi….somebody stolen my true story and made a beautiful film….so I have to lead a life of this meera…..huh 🙁 Either My first love….or my last love is not going to get back to me…so sad….ending….only for MEERA ….:(

  9. it is a film but it will reach many people… dont tell folish to anyone….all r in same country…we r indians keep in mind always..

  10. உண்மை தமிழன் அப்பவே சொல்லி இந்த டுபாகூர் படத்தை தமிழ் நாட்டில் தடை செய்தான். அவன் செஞ்சதற்கு நான் தலை வணங்குகிறேன். நீங்களும் பார்த்து உங்கள் கருத்துக்களை பதிவு செய்யுங்கள் .

  11. All just crap…. Not Trustworthy………. A lie can not be a true.. if it said for twice…..

  12. please remove this liar movie, since it is prohibitive in tamilnadu. you have name like, don’t do this….

  13. Worst movie.. Another B rated movie…just taken to get some collection… No truth atall… Please remove this movie from this site…

  14. Nice Love Story with Hollywood effect, Good Climax… well tried

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