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Aayirathil Oruvan movie Online

Watch Aayirathil Oruvan Movie Online starring Karthi Sivakumar, Reemma Sen,Andrea Jeremiah and Parthiban.Directed by Selvaraghavan

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  1. very nice movie. i enjoyed lot… is documentary movie…after this movie , u will be interested to know about the cholas history. i am waiting for the second part….

  2. saththiyan anant

    super rimasan

  3. this movie is so boring after the first half….

  4. hey don talk abt vijay……………

  5. owesome movie………….

  6. anakku onnum puriyala…. O:-)

  7. super movie and super quality…………..well done selvaraghavan

  8. bitu padam parkaravannuku ellam intha padam partha eppadi puriyum?poi shakila padam paaru unnaku ellam purium.

  9. excellent movie

  10. its ok not bad

  11. nice pic………

  12. starting nallla than irundhuchu aana pinishing sari illai pa :-[

  13. dei pannadai kammunathi intha padathe purinca pesu ok
    unggalukkellam love story action story vaaye polanthu ttu pappinge
    intha maathiri padatthe arivu irukkiruvungathan parkanum

  14. This is really an awesome movie to watch……..people who are telling that this is not a gud movie are only fit to watch the vijay or ajith's local commercial movies….the 3 yrs of wait to take this movie hasn't wasted @ any circumstances….they have shown that directors from india also can able to take such a gud movie…..eagerly waiting for d second part of aayirathil oruvan in theatres…………  😎 😀

  15. hiiiiiii

  16. its ok but it buffers a lot………

  17. sexy movie 😛 😎

  18. good movie 🙂

  19. great movie keep it up

  20.  Mr. Director Selvaraghavan. Great Movie!!!!!!!!

  21. selva we are really proud to be a tamilian bcoz of ur work tnks man

  22. superb movie..!!!! worth waited for dis movie for 3 years… selva sir did great job.. like watching hollywood kind of film..
    the chola places all very realistic.. i agree wit u MR.MASS…
    MR GUEST, u dunno how to appreciate a gud quality tamil films..such an idiotic person! people like u will praise masala movies whc are nothing br zero!..shit!

  23. nilaniuthai

    i agree with mass..
    sila kuraigal iruthalum unmaiyileye selva have done a gr8 job….
    tamilargal perumai padakkudiya oru padam…

  24. pls learn to use the artist for better and gud fortune. Wasting time money and artist talents for this crap things shows how jobless and irresposible u are towards ur society. if dono to make pls dont do this job. Avatar took the same duration u took see the positive message they givne to all in the world. In India where gandi ji was born u have created so much violent movie….. there may be such days in past but remember there where gud things happening also try to tell positive messages and give energy to world dont eat off there gud energy by showing all this rubish.. i bet a person created such shit can never knw to keep pl around happy…. challege then create a movie like tht and show….. useless Selva >:o  u made me cry and feel sorry for watching this movie… do u think this is wht u want frm us ……. wasted my money……respect people whn we respect movies who entertain us ok……

  25. good movie.

  26. poda lusu, enna da padam patha, unna mathiri local commercial movies pakaravangaluku edhu puriyadhu, tamila eppadi oru movie vanthatha ninachu payrumapadanum. tamillaum hollywood rangeku movie panna mudium. adhuku edhu oru nalla example. eniyavadhu local movies pakama nalla standard movies paru.

  27. not bad O:-)

  28. Excellent Movie …. please dont mind some unwanted idiot comments



  30. confusing movie …

  31. Is it ?

  32. west

  33. <span>i think u should watch 2 or more times to understand the story, and to like it. Very different/surprising movie.</span>

  34. padam onnum sari ellai


  36. YOO, do u love the ending….. it dont look nice, they leaving their place…..I hate these kinda such movies…

  37. Tamil Tiger for ever

    <span>I dont like the ending ….. the people who lived there, should have been won. That fat asses should get rid of thier country, Singalease shittt.</span>

  38. <span>super movie>>>>></span>

  39. wow adipoli movie =-O =-O

  40. very gud movie…. 10/10

  41.  im a super star star starrrrr…. <span>(VIJAY)  </span>he next sura it well fuck the movie of aijth movie asal, next movie ajith asal super duper duper duper follp follp follp

  42. link for part1 is not valid, file has been deleted.

  43. dai oc la padam parkum pothae ivlo irruku na.. kasu kodu partha enna la pesuvinga…

  44. is it free to watch in online

  45. good etho fatam fartha feeling konjamthan varuthu karthikk supper mathavankalukku dress koncahm kuta kuthirukkanka avvaluthan

  46. very cool

  47. i realy view this website is good  

  48. super……..excellent….good …

  49. i don't even get the second half. too much things going on and selva has imagined WAYY too much, definitely not worth the hype, in my opinion. although good acting by every single ones.

  50. good movie..thanks

  51. what a 😎 movie

  52. stupid movie *DONT_KNOW*

  53. vijay is beat!!!!! ever !!!

  54. Really great movie..

  55. exactly!!!!!!!!!!

  56. oi sooopyyyyyy,

    intha padathukku 10 on 10 ah nee ellam cinema ve paakka maatiya…

  57. i ent watch it yet hipe it is good kevsta (_-_) (-_-) muhahahahaha   

  58. you bloody selva-rogue.. how could u take such a ugly film….  thooo….  dont u have any other concept except chozha-pandiya concept?   u spoiled our ancients image.   your film is utter waste….  >:o   

  59. refixed it  with another copy jana

  60. is it link deleted…..

  61. fuckin movie, waste of time, there is nothing in the movie except nudity and explicit content.
    fuckin hell.
    wanna waste 3hrs ? watch it !!!

  62. i think its a good movie..i found it very funny..but the copy is not clear..have to watch it again!!

  63. Even as the Selvaraghavan's magnum opus receiving brickbats from some quarters, here we present 10 reasons as to why one should watch 'Aayirathil Oruvan'.
    * To know why it took nearly three years for Selva and his team to complete the film.
    * Is the wait really worth?
    * The first half, which is rich, racy and riveting.
    * Some new attempts in terms of screenplay, narration and making
    * For cinematographer Ramji who has brought to light the vision of his director.
    * Art direction, which stuns the viewers, besides sending the chill down their spines.
    * The musical score of G V Prakash Kumar.
    * For the performance of the lead trio- Karthi, Reemma and Andrea Jeremiah and thousands of junior artistes who had given their heart out.
    * Painstaking efforts of the director in many a scene.
    * And not but not the least, for the producer R Ravendran, who had invested crores and crores of rupees to present a 'different movie'…

  64. nt soo clear n very bad very poor >:o

  65. part 1 super !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! part 2 waste…..

  66. vivek varman

    great wrk

  67. the parts are messed up, pls fix it. it's ruining the movie! 🙁

  68. going to watch it, hoping it'll be good

  69. vijay movie sens r minng in between paruga 

  70. pakka flim

  71. 1st was xcellent & its reached d expectation. But 2nd half …. if u have enough tme 2 waste.. watch it….

  72. awesome film to tamil industry

  73. excellent

  74. where did the good print go..? sday evening it was working.. now wen i checked, it is saying not available.. pls some1 post. i jus saw half of the movie.. pls..

  75. 10 on 10 good movie….

  76. Hello Chakri

    You can contact us through the contact us form.

  77. nice movie i everseen it before… excellent….

  78. good movie

  79. movie is like but video is ok but voice not clear

  80. Ithula periya comdey ennan na.. Intro kudutha periya manusan kamal, suriya.. Intha madi padam ma iruntha 3 years wait pannalam mam.. pottachi rendu perum.. valkaila intha padam periya mile kall lam.. Dai kekuran kennai na  keppai la ney valiyuma da..  Kamal sir, ongaluku mana satchi rathu illave illaya..  Better avoid these functions.. if you don't know something please speak frank.. say i don't know.. don't misguide.. You idiots.. waste of 3 hrs.

  81. 100% correct.

  82. Every actor / actree one bathroom two bathroom povanga.. atha enda nayee padathulla katuring.. Thamilan pathi edukren tu manatha vangrinley da.. Dignity na enna ne theriyata nayngla.

  83. waiting 4 good quality………..

  84. waste of time

  85. pict quality & voice is not clear

  86. Noor mohamed

    <span>movie super…………………………. 😛 </span>

  87. ya its an gr8 job 

  88. good job carry on

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