Neeya Naana 25-12-11-Vijay TV show

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Topic: Students and Teachers

Neeya Naana 25-12-2011-Vijay TV show
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  1. real things and really superb

  2. very nice show I like this.. I analysis My fault when I was in college.

  3. very very nice sir tanx 4r d xcelnt show

  4. chanceless show thanx to the uploader and publisher

  5. Hi gopi sir Excellent show where i never see, basically am an student. the arguments BTW student and teacher is abnormal feelings which i had that my frndz display on you thank you and once again thank for my friends

  6. Excellent show. Gopi may have controlled his emotions and might have provided or argued for a solution to the issue rather.


    Hello Vjay TV viewer,,,
    I had really happy with my teacher SP Jawahar Mariyappan. I am always with my teacher. Two sides there is lot of trues. But my Teacher is perfectly,,,,,,
    Once again thnaks for God to give such teacher in my life.

  8. Dear Mr.Gobi& Antony ..nice show… well done

  9. Excellent gopi.. there is a higher level of learning inside the classroom. I feel i should have born little latter luck kids.. Keep up the good work.. It is good see off late neeya nanna has kept the emotion level down. In any intellectual discussion emotional views will be little skewed.. occassional outbust is okay otherwise there will not be a difference between neeya nana and a serial.

    keep up the good work.

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