Neeya Naana 18-12-11-Vijay TV Show

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Topic:Making a judgment or assumption about someone(Prejudice) Pros Vs Cons

Neeya Naana 18-12-2011


  1. It is a interesting topic.. preconceived notions and opinionated attitude can be applied to most of the fields in the modern world right from simulation to stock market predictions but you are reminding us the highlights of the level of involvement into personality. I feel we tend to start applying scientific way of preconceived notion to non scientific ways. we spend more time trying to readjust these i feel this is a unknown disease and really contagious

  2. very nice one

  3. Dear Mr.Gobi

    Well done..keep it ..

  4. excellence show. today i learn lot of good things from this ” neeya naana” great show.

    my special thanx to both are special guest & Mr.Gopi.

  5. got inspired of chief guest mr.prabhu…..amazin..bless him

  6. I am disappointed that they gave a prize to that woman who spoke about status. I dont think she was right..
    shame on her.

  7. Hai Gobi, Nice show; beautifully brought out; Do like these shows but the prize to that PARATTAI lady is too much. I could not accept. Thanks Gobi

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