Aiyantham Padai

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Aiyantham Padai is a Tamil film starring Sundar C and Simran Bagga. It released on July 23, 2009 and is produced by Sundar’s wife, Kushboo.

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Written by Badri
Sundar C
Aditi Choudhary
Simran Bagga
Sampath Raj
Madan Bob

Music by D. Imaan

Movie Review

Good Points
1.Vivek is a great plus to this movie
2.No mix of politics
3.Screenplay is great by Badhri, though there are several similar movies
4.Script is OK

Bad Points
1.Movie Script could have made the movie fail but escaped by nose
2.Songs are not that immpressive
3.Heroine selection is bad
4.Screen play does have some flaws like Simran getting ready for marriage thinking Sundar C is the Groom

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