Kandha Kottai

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Kandha Kottai’ is originaly produced by T T Raja under the banner of E S K Productions. Kalpathi Agoram has later acquired the rights and planning to release the movie soon.

Release Date: 19 Dec 2009
Genre: Action – Romance
Language: Tamil
Certification: U
Director: S. Kadhirvel
Producer: Kalpathi S Agoram
Music Director: Dhina

Cast:Nakul,Poorna,Santhanam,Sampath Raj and others

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Nakul’s both the previous films ‘Kadhalil Vizhundhen’ and ‘Maasilamani’ proved to be successful films at box office. Of course, Sun Pictures had publicized the film with greater magnitude thereby increasing the popularity.

But this time, Nakul seems to have geared up for a similar style of ‘Maasilamani’ which fails to impress any centers.

The film is about beating the same bush where hero doesn’t believe in love and later falls for a girl and saves from the trouble.

The film is about Siva (Nakul), who has a great hatred for love and those who’re in love (the character itself reveals about it in the introduction part). On the contrary, Pooja (Poorna) does Vijay ‘Shahjahan’ here as she is ready for any risks to unite the couples in love. These characters encounter each other when Siva’s sister Girija and Poorn’a cousin boy are in love.

Later Siva develops a great affinity for Pooja and falls in love with her and so she does. But the problem strikes when Pooja rejects her friend’s proposal. Unbearable to her denial, he commits suicides and his father (Sampath) sets out to retaliate for the closer ones of Pooja.

Now our hero gets into the picture and wins over the baddie, joining hands with his belle.

The film has nothing to appreciate about. Nakul follows the same patterned performance as in his previous film. Naturally, he’s a good dancer and the song ‘Eppadi Ennul’ he crooned is a feet-tapping number. But it’s annoying to watch him fighting against hefty rowdies.

The audiences are expecting something worth for the money they pay.

Poorna on the other hand overblindly imitates Asin with her gestures, facial expressions, which in no way suits her. We kindly request Poorna to have a better makeover and costume designing and don’t try glamour.

Santhanam cannot afford something different other than passing funny comments, sometimes even clumsy.

Dheena’s musical score doesn’t catch-up our attention while cinematography is okay.

Finally, with a big ticket having hit the screens this weekend, ‘Kandha Kottai’ has no probabilities of get it going successful at box office. Nakul has to change a lot when it comes to choosing the script that has content value.


  1. I want download for a kanthakkottai movie iam not see that .

  2. nice movie…but poor clarity

  3. senthil from newyork

    nice movie

  4. awesome movie everything is film accept the songs songs r boring dheena has done a horrible job

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