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Starring: Aadhitya Anbu, Manisha Shattarji, Charu Haasan, Kadhal Dhandapani.
Direction: Rajaa Mahesh
Music: Shravan
When the Cauvery dries up, who suffers the most? Not the people in the cities who don’t get running water in the pipes, it is the farmers in the villages who helplessly watch as their crops wilt in the harsh summer sun, knowing that each passing day is pushing them into abject poverty and starvation. Someone has to stand up to fight for those who suffer. The young Thambivudayaan decides that he has had enough of waiting for the right things to happen, he takes matters into his own hands. Does he succeed?
Dealing with a theme of burning contemporary relevance, the film shows very uncomfortable realities of rural life. Maybe that is why it had to go through a long and tedious censor process with around 40 recommended cuts. This shows that the treatment of the film by director Rajaamahes has been strong and uncompromising.
The cast is full of new faces. Music has been scored by Sharavan and camera has been handled by Madhavaraj Datar.
It will be interesting to see whether this socially relevant theme is able to strike a chord with the audiences

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