Saa Boo Three

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Star-casts: Arshad Khan, Prajan, Akshay, Ujjainee, Mithuna, Saara and others
Banner: R StudiosProduction: Rajesh Khanna
Direction: Arshad Khan
Music: Abbas Rabi

Saa Boo Three movie online

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How nice was it to hear Arshad Khan revealing the way how they choose film’s title? In fact, the promos did evoke our certain levels of watching the film. But it’s really disappointing to watch the film ‘ Saa Boo Thri’ as it doesn’t look to be different on any extents

Maybe, if Arshad had made this film catering for B and C centres, then they wouldn’t have recognized where he had got the ideas lifted from. But then, multiplex audiences will easily point out every scene lifted from Hindi films. Say for instance, Arshad Khan falling in love with older woman is a direct call from Dil Chahta Hai where Akshay Khanna falls for Dimple Kapadia. Similarly, Prajan and Mithuna involved in online dating is a copycat from Revathy’s ‘Mitr – My Friend’. Uh-huh! Not everything looks great in this film with double etendre liners and clumsy elements.

Three friends – Pal (Arshad Khan), Keerthi (Prajan) and Akshay (Bala) living together in the same colony are into a different paths of approaching their love. Keerthi is married to Jo (Mithuna), but there is something missing in their lives – understanding and happiness. Precisely, they start finding it over their online dating unaware it’s themselves over the other ends. Pal (Arshad Khan) has penchant like for older women and falls in love with one such lady. And then there’s Akshay (Bala), who’s almost on the verge of proposing Sherin (Pinky), but goes flat on floors after coming across Lekha (Mithuna). No wonder! Now he is ready to propose Lekha and win her heart…

Three different approaches and unlikely unparallel in ways – what unfolds next isn’t carried along the way it should be.

Prajan does his part well and Arshad Khan looks handsome. Maybe Arshad should’ve tried attempting for a strong challenging role instead of making his presence in such flimsy characters. Akshay is okay while none of the female artists impress us.

Musical score by Abbas Rabi is disgusting and do they really know how a real music should sound like. Or at least do they play the songs after composing tunes? Cinematography is perfect with rich pictorials.

With prevalence of so many Hindi films, Saa Boo Thri fails to hold our attention. By chance, few school-going adolescents may like it.

Bottom – Line: Not at all impressive

Verdict: Damp Squib…


  1. Yes Shajan, accept your thoughts too, i generally felt with the hype that surrounded this movie, it fails to meet the expectations

  2. man , i have a very bad impression on  your thought about life ,when u speak about this movie ,u watched the technical side .if  u would have seen this movie as a normal person ,it would have pricked,director is not mani ratham and delivery of concept might be not pleaseable ,todays world …its happenning dude

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