Suriyan Satta Kallori

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Suriyan Satta Kaloori tamil movie
Movie Name : Suriyan Satta Kaloori
Year : 2009
Cast: Vijaya, Sirangeevi
Music Director : Deva
Producer: R Bavan
Director: S S Pandiyan

Suriyan Satta Kaloori _ part 1

Suriyan Satta Kaloori – Part 2

Suriyan Satta Kaloori – part 3

Deva’s music is eminently forgettable, as usual.

Suriyan Satta Kalloori tries to address real problems and gives solutions but it’s done in such a cheesy, clich├ęd fashion, with wooden acting and special effects that the message itself is hopelessly lost. Watch the film only if you really want to visit the theatres.

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